Character creation & development. Sci-fi abstract.


Hi CGSociety community!
Artist here on a mission to create a character for an ambitious CGI short I’m working on.
Going to make a habit of posting my process here, so please be ruthless and critique the hell out of it!
The short is not going to be too realistic in terms of the look (shaders, renders etc.), what I’m planning to do is develop and interesting look to it, though not as stylised as, Overwatch for example.
Much look-dev and research to still go into it, but what I do know is approximately how the main character should look, so I’ve started to build elements of it.
*Also at this moment I’m wondering if I should post concept design sketches as well.

Although I’ve eager to create the character, there’s still dilemma of Software to render it in. Something like Arnold Maya is great and within my skill-level, however super expensive when it boils down to rendering whole footage. And then there’s Unity, which looks phenomenal, however I don’t use it as much to know shaders in it. what to do, what to do!

So here goes :

Starting off with some eyeball renders. Rendered in Arnold. Pardon the noise, test renders. 2 area lights and few HDRI environments for different looks.

quick question that would be interesting if someone knew, is there a good way to balance SSS with diffuse in Arnold ? Once I add sub-surface scattering, naturally the diffuse gets lighter, but is there a cheaty way to have SSS and darker diffuse ?

Character body sculpt WIP from Zbrush.