Character: Chameleon


Here’s my latest work, a little Panther Chameleon toony/realistic texture style.

As you can see i’ve done a few color variations, it’s a chameleon afterall

Hope you like him :slight_smile:

Chameleon Rigged by T4D, and an amazing job he did! Thanks agian man


Some wires and a little gif file.

My server only allows a limited size in uploads so I had to take out some frames of the anim which made it rather off timed and messy, I just wanted you to see him in motion, sorry


another great model :beer:


u already know it but that smile pic is very funny
the animation looks great too :buttrock: :beer:
keep them comin


That is such a cool little critter man. :smiley: the speed that you make these models is insane I must know your secret lol.



And I don’t sleep, ask anyone on my ICQ list :smiley:


lol. I know how that is. lol. I’m on your ICQ list lol.


Chameleons ALWAYS look at their prey with BOTH eyes before striking.

Other than that one minor detail, very nice :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile:

hehehe, maybe he’s doing a trick for you all, the Blinded Bug Catch He’s a clever little critter you know :wink:


Incredible! I love him. He’s very cute. Realisticly textured, but toonish body. Overall, wonderful! I’d like to see more of this guy.

oh, the animation. besides the eye thing it just looks like he’s putting a little too much head forward/back movement into his strike. I haven’t seen a chameleon bug catch lately, but im pretty sure it’s more tongue than anything… but then again, he’s bordering realistic/toony so who knows



hes got character thats fer sure man…lol,excellent renders also:thumbsup:


Excellent texture and rigging!!! loved the job guys !!! keep on with it !!! I hope I can do that someday



Overall, wonderful! I’d like to see more of this guy.

I have lots of renders I did of him while doing pose tests, I’ll upload some more tomorrow if anyone is interested … for now here’s one more.

You’ll have to excuse him, coke makes him burp :wink:


I keep picturing him smoking and drinking a beer…

Very nice PiSong!!!


looks totally slick!

can’t wait to see the final animation!


Hilarious, yet very eye-poppingly wicked stuff man! I love the expressions.

… its true … you DO pop this stuff out quite fast!!


Niiice. I admire your texture work and your ultra-economical modeling. He’s soooo cute.


Just beautiful PI!

Superb modelling, and the texturing is great!

And a thumbsup to T4D aswell. Looks like a really handy rig, the poses expresses lots of character (from an - in nature - so frightenly dead-looking animal as a chameleon)

Great job guys! :applause:


Totally cool, PiSong! :slight_smile:

I agree that he’d also look really cool in a “non-nature” setting, like perched on a barstool and snatching some beer nuts.

Great work!

— Möe


great job!! nice colors :applause: