Character: Bigby, William Vaughan (3D)


Title: Character: Bigby
Name: William Vaughan
Country: USA
Software: Lightwave 3D

Bigby is a 9-year-old genius who believes that 96% of all bad things in the world are caused by pirates and dragons, and it’s his job to stop them.

He wears his signature bear suit pajamas and mighty jet pack to become a crime-fighting genius to save the world as part of the L.A.P.D. aka League Against Pirates and Dragons.


ah, a little question :
@ NT gallery under joe zeff’s name ?


Very nice work!!


you’re right LW-pet


The copyright for the image is Joe Zeff Design, which is who I worked for when I created the work. 100% of the work was created by myself. This is how things work when you are employed by a studio.

Please let me know if there are any questions in regards to this.


see above… should explain.


Controversy aside, for just a moment, this little character is fun, well designed and comes with a clever back story.

I wonder, how forgiving is the bear mesh when the head turns, seemingly without a neck? I’ve always been worried about doing a character this way… The movable pieces of hair are also a great touch!



In the test animations that we’ve created, the rig seems to hold up well for even the most extreme poses.


looks great, full of character… nice work as ever proton.



thanks for your statement,
can we show your work in our news ? :



of course… Thanx for the plug! Much Appreciated.


My apologies, I never meant to be disrespectfull, just curious. I have no doubt that this is your atwork William, I know your one of the gratest lightwavers out there and I know tour work, not only that, im one of your fans as I try to be a lightwaver myself.


nice work William, any chance of seeing some wires?? always happy to learn from your topologies :slight_smile:


Too bad it’s someone else’s design. I’ve seen amazing work done with LW so I think you can improve this character way more. I know that’s the style and type of this character but it is too simple for my taste.


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