Character animation WIP


hi everybody

i need to have any feedback about my new little character animation

thank you everybody


here the link


Here is my humble opinion. First of all I think the overall motion is to fast and linear. You seem to pop to poses instead of flowing in between them. You are missing a lot of the core body movements that indicate weight shift such as the hip rotation, shoulder rotation, back bounciness, ect. All these subtle (or not depending on the style of animation) movements is what really brings a character to life and while people not fimilar to animation wont know exactly why it looks wrong they’ll know that somethin is missing.

So my advice to you is now that you have the poses down work on your timing a little more, really nail down the body rotation neccessary to achieving those poses (even if it takes you forever, the more time you spend now the less you’ll have to spend later) and work with your animation curve tangency to achieve the proper flowing movement of the human body.

Good luck!


the motions aren´t very realistic, but i like it:) together with the music it is fun to watch. it has kind of a certain style… would be nice to have some more backgound information. i guess it is for a game?


yes you re right
it s one of the game character i m working with
the game is the saga of ryzom mmorpg


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