Character: An elf in the woods


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I did not make this drawing with any emotion or story in mind, it was mainly a drawing for practise. So this might be the wrong forum if I interpret the rules very strictly but it’s so quiet here lately, maybe a new work to comment on will get things going again…

Moderators: If you think this is not suitable for the evocative forum, please delete this thread, i also posted this work in the 2d gallery forum :slight_smile:

People in gfxartist liked the atmosphere of the woods but didn’t comment a lot on the elf, except that they did not want to meet him when lost in the woods :wink: So, what do you think of him? Is he good/evil/just having a bad day for you? What could I do to improve the impression he gives?


To me, he doesn’t look evil, and he doesn’t really look like he’s having a bad day, either. His gaze is open and direct. It kind of makes me think you’ve just stumbled across him in the woods, but he already knew you were there, has been watching, maybe following, and arranged the “meeting.”

The bags under his eyes, creases around his mouth, and prominent cords in his neck make me think he’s middle-aged, at least, so he’s worldly, has seen a lot, has probably had to fight to defend himself or others. He’s serious and matter-of-fact, not much sense of humor, but honorable. I don’t see him as being an aggressor, but more of a protector type. I wouldn’t be afraid if I met him in the woods, but I think I’d better have a d@mned good explanation for what I’m doing there.

Oh, and he’s having a good hair day. :wink:

How do you see him?


He strikes me as being a sceptical/pessimist character.

He feels the ages on his shoulders (wich normally is not felt on an elf).

He looks to you with tired, lonely and disapointed eyes.

I wont even start trying to predict his attitude towards the viewer :slight_smile:


He seems to look different to everyone who replied ^0^

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What do you think? :slight_smile:
He wasn’t made with any concept so there were no requirements about his attitude/look.

@Q-B: saw your wips, nice work, nothing to add really ^0^


Lol well, u know opinions are subjective and most of the times controversial.

I think your elf is rather enigmatic. And has some strenght in him. I guess that leaves room for much … how to say … mood? inner-self? interpretation. I guess it predisposes you to interpret it putting alot of your inner feelings and guidelines in the interpretation.

Or is it just me doing that. :slight_smile:


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