Changing Matcap material modifier effects all subtools?



I am trying to fill a subtool with a matcap material that has a wax modifier of 100 and then another subtool with the same matcap but a wax modifier of 0. However, it seems that changing the wax modifier effects all my subtools. Is it possible? I swear I’ve done it before.

Here are my steps:
1- select subtool A
2- turn on Mrgb
3- select the MatCap GreenRoma material
4- go to Material>Wax Modifier and set strength to 100
5- click Color>Fill Object
6- select subtool B
7- go to Material>Wax Modifier and set strength to 0
… And here’s where it changes the material of both subtool A and B!

If I color>fill object on Subtool B and then go back to Subtool A and try to adjust the wax modifier, it updates every instance of that Green Roma Material

Any help would be greatly appreciated