changing a script from VBscript to Python


if i did a script from the VBS log in the command line, is there i way that i can run it and get it on python?

its basic stuff like move and parent nulls and a couple of constraints.

Thanks. =)


You could save it to a command, and run that command in a python script, if you are looking to use both languages together.
If you’re asking about automatically converting a bunch of copy&pasted commands from one language to the other, no such thing, but it shouldn’t take long to learn python to the point where you can do that, and the few minutes it would take to do some find&replace and clean up in a text editor.


Thanks, J, yesterday i was working on it, and this is what i found,

since my script is basically a macro, i don’t have variables or anything i can paste my script in the editor, and run it with a python tab open, and will translate it to python !!! LOL!!!.. now i can do more crazy thing,



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