As the portfolio is developed I’ll keep a list of changes here so that people are aware of what’s different;

Feb 13, 2006 - Updates to user’s summary page to help explain to new users what elements of CGPortfolio are about and how they work, added link to Manage Portfolios to logged in user info box.


Gallery entries now show a “comments” link to the CGTalk forums

Artist pages are titled with the artist’s name.

“My Network” page now tells you which action you have just performed when adding, rejecting, removing or blacklisting members. Rather than just dumping you to the page.

Likewise, results of adding or removing favorites are shown on the page when you submit requests.


Due to popular demand;

You can now browse images (at the moment they’re only sorted in the order they were added to portfolio - newest first).

You’ll notice a new “Browse” link in the navbar at the top of the screen;

or simply visit

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Yes, there are some broken images, there needs to be some other browse options, I’ll build some fancy queries now it actually works.


You can browse portfolios now;

I’ll drop a link in the nav - bar, but for the moment, use the link:

It’s been relatively painless to add these into the engine (i’m impressed with myself for that) so others can be dropped in if they seem to be needed.


When submitting images underneath the ‘submit’ button you are given the option to submit your image to the CGTalk gallery.

This is selected by default, which creates a thread and puts it up for approval by leigh (as was the previous behaviour).

If you uncheck the box it still creates a thread, but puts it in the rejected threads pile straight away. (So no one can see it).

The comments link also only shows now for images in the CGTalk gallery.


The search engine should be working once again, aswell quotes should be fixed also.