Change Reference Coordinate System Default to 'World'?


Hi. I’m using an old copy of Max 2014 and the default reference coordinate system setting is ‘View’. It drives me mad having to constantly change it to ‘World’. Is there a way to modify it? I’ve tried looking but can’t find a way, is it possible using a script maybe?

-many thanks…


open notepad, type in:

toolMode.coordsys #world

Save this as a .ms file in:
C:\Users[b]YOURUSERNAME[/b]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\startup

This will automatically switch it on startup


You sir, are a legend!

EDIT: Okay, after recovering from my initial jubilation, I have noticed that the default for each tool is still ‘View’, i.e. I load up Max, the default is now World, but as soon as I select a tool (move, scale, rotate etc) it automatically switches back to bloody ‘view’.

Is there a script to change the individual tool defaults?


haha, sorry to get you all excited then let you down.

Try this
Customize menu > Preferences > General > Reference Coordinate System > Enable


How do you know this stuff?!
-a very grateful pommy


lol glad it worked for you :thumbsup:

ah man, i spend wayyy too much time in 3dsmax lol. Im also a boring old basterd and read the manual when I want to learn something else, weird i know o.O

In this case it wasnt too much investigative work I basically turned on the macrorecorder in the maxscript listener, switched to world view and it gave me that piece of code I gave you earlier:
toolMode.coordsys #world

Then when you said it switched I looked in the manual and it had written something about keeping the coordinate system and I tried that and it worked.


Thank you very much!