CgTalk: Unofficial Writing Challenge:3 -Morning Disaster


matsman… where’s my trophies? lol


Right… So sunday is here again and as you might have noticed… life has overtaken me again.
I had full night events Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday… and taken the Wednesday of because of a fatigue spell I was suffering from since last Friday I think. You know the feeling of simply not wanting to do anything at all and your body just screaming at you as soon as you lift your finger… well that day I was in some kind of jelly state, for lack of better description. Luckily Friday I was my old self again, more or less.

And I failed yet again another deadline. All because I thought the deadline was a week later… you see, I look the date up on the calendar, 2 weeks later to set the deadline, that information goes straight into the post not hanging around in my head which says… you still have two weeks… well my head was one week late… time went really fast last month.

I read you want to choose from multiple images, actually I kinda thought that was the idea, but last time I got the impression only one image was wanted so I put only one up. More is better but I will go and recycle not chosen images if I want. I was right about this being a hard one after all right :slight_smile:

And the award, yes good one. Thanks for reminding me. Attached is a small preview :smiley: I am gonna paint it if I find the time. And will present it to the winners.

I will make sure I have images up this week and will try to finish the piece I was writing. I feel terrible not having something again.


Guys! Im so glad you liked my picture! Your challenge accept to give ability of flying of imagination. And you know, its great!!!
Pixanaut, awesome story!


Haha… thanks man, and thanks again for letting us use your picture :smiley:


Sorry guys!
You might have noticed my lack of time and rather busy schedule over the last month or so… well last Wednesday I paid the price and I fell a little ill, head aches, throat and a mild flu… and it’s still not completely over. (coughing like a mad pig over here).
I have had a few days off an will start with the normal routines slowly again this week, I will make some dinner right now and then be back in bed to see if I can get better and more awake again.
Thanks for your patience with me.


Cool script Pixanaut! A good laugh! I see sometimes the simples idea can have a good and humorous outcome! Great work!

Oh well Matsman…I’m really in the writing spirit now! So how do we go about doing this? Should we choose a pic of our own and then have a vote on them all to see which we will use? Sorry to hear you’re unwell too! Hope you pull through! Well mate, we will be ready whenever you are! In the meantime should we go about choosing a pic for our next challenge?


Hey man, glad you liked it too! I think it’d be a fun one to animate.

Anyways, I’m ready for #4… just in the middle of a pesky cold myself. But I’m still good to go!


Wow that time of the year! Hope you all get well soon. OK I guess we can start scouting for our next pic!


has this thread gone dead? I hope you guys haven’t succumb to your illnesses. where is everyone?



I feel lots better… but I am sleeping like a cat still… until this week I have been sleeping 10 hours a day at least. Which means that I do little else than work, eat, clean and sleep in a day.

But as I said it’s looking up this week. Last few days I have been going to bed later without also getting up later, so I have time to do things again… I will be on the lookout for some images.
If you have inspiration please tell me! Makes it easier for me to get started again :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for the continued interest!


I’m better, but I got bored waiting for the next image so I took on a job writing a scifi feature treatment and script.

If a new image shows up, I’ll see if I can make time for it.

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.


wow, cool. Is it something personal and private or something you might share with the rest of us sometime?:drool:

I also got caught up with writing my sci-fi novel again. I had left it for a few months. recently had the urge to start writing again. Maybe we can share stories sometimes Pixanaut. :beer:

well, I found a few images that I would very much like to use to start another challenge, if you guys are up for it. Let me know if you guys would like to participate or if you’re occupied at the mo. I guess we can vote on images to use for now!


Well I am a little occupied at the moment having a rapid succession of deadlines all over the place…

I work for two companies which both have lots of conventions at the end of the year. this week alone we had 5 people walking in: “hej, could you do this before Monday, then I have to be at a convention”
And we are generally happy to do it, cause it brings them back for more later. However stuff being needed at a convention means a very hard deadline and usually you have to show people how it works too… And besides that I don’t have a chance to actually get into a workflow cause all these people need movs or mpegs converted so it fits in powerpoint (basically everybody only uses media player 10 so we standard convert to wmv… that’ll run :slight_smile: )

Generally I am at work till 19:00, 19:30… last week even later because we had a gaming project deadline that all needed to be finished and polished (we did it, people were happy!)

But that means I am home at 20:00 o’ clock need to cook, eat and relax before going to bed for another of those days. But I think you know how it is… I had originally a week off planned about this time but that got shot :frowning: okay because of a big assignment which might mean a contract opportunity but still… I’d rather fancy a week off.

So then you know where I was all that time… I am up for something but won’t be able to put much time into it I am afraid.

Thanks for keeping the thought of this thing, kadetkebab!


Hey guys…

Kadet… The script is a scifi story based on a comic book that most people have never heard of… Lol. The job is an adaptaion of that comic book, with full license to change what has to be changed in order to make it work as a film. It’s pretty full of cliches, so it took me like 7 different attempts at the outline to turn into something I’d like to watch. Outside of that, it’s been pretty fun. I just finished the script (rough) today, and start typing it up tomorrow, editing as I go. :slight_smile:

No, I can’t say more than that… for now.

As far as comp#4, I’d still like to do it, but my November is filling up pretty quick. I’ve got some stuff to do on set (for a couple weeks, helping out as a location sound guy) and I’m not sure what involvement/commitment is going to be needed once I hand in the scifi script. I’m hoping it leads to more writing work, but who knows.


wow matsman, sounds like the story of your life. LOL! You’re a pretty busy guy I see. Well, it is good you’re in such demand. Hope all the hard works pays off for ya! Best of luck with it all.

Sorry about that Pixanaut, thought your sci-fi treatment was a personal project. I can understand if you cant divulge more if it’s a job you’re working on. Both you guys sound pretty occupied. Good to see the recession haven’t slowed either of you down. Well I’d just like to say best of luck to both of you. I suppose we can work on another challenge when the time is right or when you’re both a little less occupied than you are now.

I am carrying on with my own personal writing for the time being. But just wanted to make sure the whole challenge thing didn’t come to a complete stop.

well, hear from you guys when you ready to start writing again. Hey Pix, let me know how the whole script works out for ya! Well guys, signing out for a while then. Again, good luck to you both. Happy writing!


No problem…

On another note, if anyone is interested to see a short film that I wrote, it just got posted online by the Vancouver Film School. Link



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