CgTalk: Unofficial Writing Challenge:3 -Morning Disaster


[b]CgTalk: [i]Unofficial Writing Challenge: Morning Disaster


Notes from left to right read:
-to scorch on a fire
-sugar. DONT ADD!!!
-oil. for pan
-where is the tack?!

A big thank you to Denis Kornev aka DenisKornev for letting us use this picture.


Write a short story inspired by the above image called “Morning Disaster”. There are no other limitations, since I deem this a “hard” picture. Please note though that we would like to read and comment on your story, not your latest novel.
Feel free to write a story or script for a play, short film, comic, or you can make a storyboard or comic book layout.

The winning entry will be selected by a cgtalk members vote based upon our reviewing matrix (more on that later). The winner will get bragging rights and some sort of 2d cup as a prize :slight_smile:

DEADLINE: - Monday September 7 12:00 PM local time
(You have about TWO WEEKS to do the challenge.)

[color=white]Things that we will look for in an entry:[/color]

[li]Originality/coolness[/li][li]The flow of events[/li][li]How you got your inspiration[/li][li]Intriguing characters[/li][li]Setting, build up and conclusion[/li][/ul]The winner will get bragging rights and an image of a prize designed by me.

[li]Use either American letter or European a4 style pages[/li][li]Use 10 point Courier type[/li][li]Entries must be submitted as an attachment in .pdf or .txt formats[/li]
[li]Please give a short impression of the entry in your accompanying post.[/li]
[li]The moderators reserve the right to remove any posts.[/li][/ul]VOTING:
Every entry will be judged according to the criteria mentioned earlier. Everyone who votes is asked to give 1 to 4 points on each of the criteria (1 being bad-4 being good) for each entry. And is free to give additional comments.
In case of doubt last times winner has the final word on who wins. Winner will be announced within 1 week after the deadline.

As a place where you can also suggest images for coming challenges or theme and topic ideas there is this thread: Unofficial short-story challenge topics!

Happy writing everyone!


Is this a throw down? Has the gauntlet been tossed? Seriously? :curious:

For some reason, I can’t help but feel this was aimed at me… lol. Was it too long for ya?


The ladies handkerchief is falling to the ground, but I am not the spiteful black knight, just another jouster, ready to show my king I can be a leader of man.
(even though I fell on my nose last tournament :slight_smile: , wow it really reads as a quote, but is not as far as I know.)

Haha, well lets just say you gave me the idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong though, if you are writing 20 pages I will love you for it. But if 5 people are going to do that, we can publish a book with short stories. And I firmly believe editing will make a story better.

on another note, what do you think about the image? With me choosing it, I have an advantage since it speaks to me, does it speak to you? Or was I right in stating it is a “hard” challenge this time?


It is not my place to question the choice of image, or comment on it. It is simply, the image. There is a story in every image. On this one, I shall write my 1,000 (or more :wink: ) words.

‘hard’ is a matter of perception. With Souq, there were many story options because the image raised so many questions… with this there are less because nothing is going on in the scene, but there are still options. Still life (inanimate) will always be more of a challenge to draw a story out of… but that’s why we’re here, right? To challenge ourselves?

It took me about 20 minutes of staring at it until I settled on an solid approach. Souq gave me a few solid ideas within the same amount of time. I’ve got some other stuff to take care of right now, so I might not get to this until later on.

I promised kadetkabob that I’d do a script format this time… which is going to prove interesting… lol

And this is a bad idea why?.. Ballistic Publishing Short Stories based on CG images, where say, the artist chooses the story to accompany their image? If nothing else, an online magazine would be cool.

btw… my last name is King… lol


hey matsman

Just a quick question if you don’t mind. What language is that in the image? Is it Dutch?

I actually don’t mind the long stories. The more the merrier. But I noticed this time you did not give a page limit.

And the image is an odd choice I agree. But I am surprised at the ideas that are coming out of my head about where I want to take this story. So good one. Hope more people participate. Good luck guys.


Just a quick answer then… it’s late here got to go to work tomorrow and party the night :slight_smile:

Pixanaut: I really love the ballistic publishing cgtalk: stories idea :stuck_out_tongue: don’t know how feasible but it sounds very good. So you win that round… now I only have one argument against setting a page limit, which is to force people to think what should and shouldn’t be in the story… I think that’s a keeper though.
And I lol with you on that name coincidence… it was your mentioning gauntlet that got me to jousting.

Kadetkebab: Good to hear you like the image, even though it is “an odd choice” (I thought so myself, but that is also why it was top of the list once I had seen it)
The text is actually Russian :slight_smile: translated by the artist himself, also from Russia, currently Moscow according to his profile.

  • is it me or do I see one more sticky note than are translated?

I had to lol at your question too… we Dutch are not exotic at all and just use the Latin alphabet just like you English folks :stuck_out_tongue: .
We even have a saying: Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg (translated: Act normal and you’ll be acting weird enough already, phonetic english: doo mare normale than doo jy al geck genoog, note that in dutch every g is like coughing or wheezing, back in your throat) Which means: if you don’t follow the majority, you’ll be an outcast, so don’t get any ideas of you being special.

:slight_smile: so far my quick introduction to the Dutch language. I’ll happily throw some nautical sayings your way later if you’ll let me Lol


hey Matsman

Thanks for the crash course in Dutch. And yes I think I did notice a missing translation for one of the post its. Ah well. I am sure it is not important. I just wanted to ask because I want to have an idea of where to set my story. Thanks for the info.

Maybe it will be a nice idea to do something Dutch next time. :slight_smile:


I had a chance to sneak it in today. I ignored the post-it notes and set it in a British kitchen because well, it’s just more funny when I hear it in my head.

SNIPPED (I’m going to do another pass and repost it tomorrow… I rushed it a bit.) ** SEE POST BELOW **

 This image should tell you what to expect outta mine this time... lol



Hej… I never said you had to base your story in Russia… so English kitchen sounds good… As soon as I find the time I will read it through… those eggs sure make me curious.

I’ll look for something Dutch to use in the future… with coffee shops and stroopwafels :smiley:

My story will be going towards relationship issues, I decided. You’ll see how that fits in.


Hey Guys I love the Idea of the writing challenge, I am going to try to jump on this too…!!


Welcome to the fray Lordrych.


Sorry about that guys… it took me a couple days to get back to it.

Here it is.


kadetkabob... it's not 100% perfect script formatting (for something that you would submit to a production company), but it's close.

matsman… it’s only 11 pages + title/credit page. And it’s almost all dialogue, so it’s like 6 actual pages… lol

PS - Denis, thanks for letting us use your image :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummmmmmm… ?


So am I gonna keep on competing with myself? Or is someone else gonna post something… sometime… eventually?

Maybe we should advertise this thread in the general discussions section to make people aware of it.

Got the next image yet?


I just made a midyear resolution to stop excusing myself… But I have to do it here.

I was under the impression I still had a week. Will post tonight, was a long way already… just won’t have time to do a re-read and cut on it.

An yes I have the next image already :slight_smile:


You’re the one who set the deadline!!


Can we please have until next week Monday? I am having major writer’s block this challenge! :frowning:

Sorry again Pixanaut. You been a real sport. Hope we don’t spoil this one for you!


Well, we can either extend this one, or just move on to the next one.

It’s up to matsman.

Perhaps in the future, three potential images could be posted… and the writers could have 2 days to vote on the image. That way, we can all have a say in which image we think would generate the most interest… I can generally write to anything, but personally, I’m a huge scifi fan, so I’m good with anything in that genre. And that offers most people (potential artists) outside of the writing challenges the chance to get stoked about the stories and do vfx/3D work based on the stories.

Also, if there is the chance of releasing a book (or online magazine) of short stories, then if they’re all within one genre, it’ll generate more interest because it’s all congruent.


I agree Pixanaut. I too am a huge Sci-fi fanatic. I can wirte about that any day.

I suppose i tired a little too hard into researching about Russia because that was the language written on the post-its in the image. I tired to do something based on history and something more realistic that I got too caught up in that and didn’t have time to just write a story. My bad.

And I agree we should vote on an image. I like to have options.

I suppose we can move on to the other challenge then cause I haven’t gotten far with my story. Sorry guys!

Hey Pixanaut is your link working? I can’t seem to download your PDF! You think you can make it an attachment instead of a link. I don’t know if my acrobat reader is bugged! Thanks buddy!

Hey matsman…other challenge then?


I’m having issues upping it. I think the file size limit for attachments is lower than the PDF file size. The link works for me so it might be a problem on your end.

If you PM me your email address, I can email it to you.