CgTalk:Unofficial Writing Challenge:2 -The Souk


[b]CgTalk: [i]Unofficial Writing Challenge: The Souk


[(see image big here)](

A big thank you to Andrzej Sykut aka azazel for letting us use this picture
and to Glen DeBello aka Juniordebo for finding and suggesting it.


Write a short story or screenplay inspired by the above image called "the souk" (which means marketplace, []( The idea is that we have to recognise something from the picture in your story but it doesn't matter what.

The only limitation you have is page count. The document for this assignment should fall within 6-12 pages.

The winning entry will be selected by a cgtalk members vote based upon our reviewing matrix (more on that later). The winner will get bragging rights and some sort of 2d cup as a prize :)

[b]DEADLINE:  [/b]- extended due to some RL (real life) trouble experienced by some of the competitors

[b]Monday August [/b][b]10[/b][b] 12:00 PM[/b] [b]local time[/b]
([b]You have about TWO WEEKS to do the challenge.)[/b]

[i][u][b][color=white]Things that we will look for in an entry:[/b][/u][/i][/color]

[li]Originality/coolness[/li][li]Atmosphere of a souq[/li][li]Intriguing characters[/li][/ul]The winner will get bragging rights and an image of a prize designed by me.


[li]Use either American letter or European a4 style pages[/li][li]Use 10 point Courier type[/li][li]Entries must be submitted as an attachment in .pdf or .txt formats [/li]
[li]Please give a short impression of the entry in your accompanying post.[/li]
[li]The moderators reserve the right to remove any posts.[/li][/ul]VOTING:
Every entry will be judged accoording to the criteria mentioned earlier. Everyone who votes is asked to give 1 to 4 points on each of the criteria (1 being bad-4 being good) for each entry. And is free to give additional comments.
In case of doubt last times winner has the final word on who wins. Winner will be announced within 1 week after the deadline.

 As a place where you can also suggest images for coming challenges or theme and topic ideas there is this thread: [[b]Unofficial short-story challenge topics![/b]](

[b]Happy writing everyone![/b]


I’m in.
I don’t know how pretty it’ll be, because I don’t have much time to do an edit pass tomorrow, but I’m gonna try to get it cleaned up.

A man goes to the outer rim to find a spice called srin. The specific reason for the search is only known to a handful of people. His secret may help save a people, and himself.

Do I post the PDF story link here?


File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 97.7 KB. Your file is 242.8 KB.




deleted post


Um… hello? Anybody out there?
All I hear is the crickets chirping…


Sorry pixanaut… my entry is nearly done… but the powerbox in my computer blew up (have replaced it in the mean time) so I had a weekend long no pc at my disposal. That’s why my entry is missing, late… I will still finish this week.

And I don’t know about the rest. I’ll certainly ask kadetkebab… and some of the other guys, juniordebo brought the image in, so I wonder what happened to him.
It’s a shame that there is only one entry in time, I agree.


Wow, sorry to hear about the computer matsman.

In the spirit of competition, I think the deadline should be extended to next Monday, 12:00noon. I’d really like to see more entries come in. And if we’re gonna start handing out trophies, there needs to be competition to give value to the award. Maybe a separate ‘lone challenger honorable mention’ or something if it ever happens in the future were there is only one entry.


hey there guys. sorry for the delay. i don’t have any intentions to compare with matsman’s PC blowing up on him but I’m afraid mines is not ready either. I was in a car accident and had a lot to deal with this week.

i am still working on it and hope to have it up by tomorrow. Great story so far though Pixanaut. I start reading yours. OK guys.


Are you kidding me? A Car accident? Are you okay?

Sheesh. Is this a bit of a cursed challenge or what? Glad you like the story so far… I hope you’re not reading it from a hospital bed!

Matsman… bump the finish date if you want. If I’m the only submitter at this point, I’m okay with moving the finish date considering the chaos you both are going through…


damn. you know what? i think this challenge is cursed. now my pc almost blow up on me. i was writing away when i heard a loud pop and smelt smoke. sorry guys was out of a pc all day yesterday. men this keeps getting worse.

well i managed to repair it and hopefully nothing else goes wrong. thanks pixanaut. the accident was a minor collision. im okay. I’ll finally be able to lay to rest once I get my story posted on here. in the meantime, death has to go on hold. :slight_smile:


I am starting to feel left out.
I’m sure my POS laptop will fry itself next. I don’t trust computers at all. I email each draft to myself, at one of my online addresses, just to be safe.

Good luck mate.

Glad to hear the accident was minor.


Wow… what a terrible week this was… Hope you have had the worst few days of the year Kadetkebab, just so that the rest of the year is going to get better. All compassion here mate!
Looking forward to your take on the souq.

I am afraid I am going to take a bit longer than one day… since workdays and weekends aren’t the same where it comes to time I can spend on personal projects.


Can you post the winning screenplay? I’d like to see it. Had to miss out on this one due to lots of work to do, but I plan on trying to compete in one of these competitions soon in my free time. Thanks and congrats to all who entered!


matsman and katedkabob have yet to post theirs on account of car accidents and exploding computers. Since I’m the only one who has submitted so far, I suggested extending the deadline until next Monday at noon (considering the week those two guys have had).

The extention hasn’t been confirmed by them, but I’m assuming they’ve accepted it because of the ‘it’s coming’ posts shown above.

So, to answer your question - in the spirit of competition, no winner has been chosen because we are waiting on the other entries.

By that rationale, if you’d like to do a story of your own, you’d have until Monday at noon to post it here. And it doesn’t have to be a screenplay, it can be a story. Mine is more of a novel format.



Hmmm… That’s tempting, but just getting home from SIGGRAPH 2009 and back into the swing of things will probably keep me from writing something that great. Thanks for the offer though!

I just bought a book about screenwriting and am trying to learn how to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper/the computer. Haha! I will definitely try and keep tabs on the next competition if it comes along anytime soon. :slight_smile:


What screenwriting book did you buy?


It’s called How to Write: A Screenplay by Mark Evan Schwartz. I bought it because it’s different than the others. Instead of being like a normal book, it is written in the form of a screenplay.


Sorry for the radio silence… just finalising my entry. But I noticed the chat going on…

First… I have edited the opening post with the new deadline (should have done that last week, still learning the ropes)

Second… Hi JCork, looking forward to seeing you compete in our next challenge… which I will try to start before the next weekend.

And third… the book looks interesting, they have it scanned over at google so we can have a peek at its contents (—Read: How to Write: A Screenplay, by Mark Evan Schwartz—)
I’m always looking for that small part I still don’t understand… so maybe I’ll find it here.


Hey there!

And of course, right after I buy the book, I hear that it’s on Google. Arg! :banghead:


it’s not all for nothing jcork, google only has 22 pages… and ebooks are rather hard reading material I find. So your money was well spend I think.

Today a new personal insight: I am a weak willed failure and a lazy ass!
Basicly I had still 2/3rds to write of my 1001 night inspired sci-fi script. And I was completely set to write it till the end yesterday.
Then… Unannounced company appeared. And as things go I completely lost momentum and spend my weekend playing playstation games, cleaning and generally feeling hot and tired. Then this morning I was trying to get myself to writing but basicly I couldn’t be bothered.

So I am a failure and accept all flaming. If you want I’ll post what I have plus a few sentences on the rest of the story. And yes I feel like I let everyone down. :frowning:

I will however make something of a rating system tomorrow… just for the sake of having it. And showing what my idea was.
I will try again for the next challenge. Sorry!


FAIL!.. Lol

just kidding, considering your week, I think you shouldn’t feel bad.
Now kadetkabab REALLY has to deliver… Lol

Let’s get past this one and onto the next asap. I had fun writing, but I need more than 2 days a month of task oriented writing. The sooner we’re onto the next one, the better.