CgTalk:Unofficial Writing Challenge:1 -NEO Race


CgTalk: Unofficial Writing Challenge: NEO Race


Write a short chain of events during, before or after the NEO Race. More or less inspired by one of the images provided (see next post for links to the images and threads)
-edit- Try to be as short as possible, maximum number of pages is set to 3 but ideally we would like 1 page stories/scripts. Thank you!


[li]The NEO racing daily sketching page[/li]
[li]The NEO racing FXWARS reference[/li][li]The NEO racing FXWARS inspiration[/li]

[/ul]Thanks to Roberto Ortiz for bringing together 3 different parts of CGtalk in this happening!

The winning entry will be selected by a cgtalk members vote based upon our reviewing matrix (more on that later). The winner will get bragging rights and some sort of 2d cup as a prize :slight_smile:


Monday June 12 12:00 PM local time
(You have about ONE WEEK to do the challenge.)

Back story for the racing teams,
Back story for a Racer.
Introduction of the Racer
A spectacular crash and how it came to be
An amazing drawn out finish

[color=white]Things that we will look for in an entry:[/color]
-these are based upon the fact that possible entries will be animated in the upcoming FXwars!

[li] Using as few characters/cars/environments as possible[/li][li]Originality/coolness[/li][li]Flow of action[/li][li]How exciting can you make this?[/li][/ul]The winner will get bragging rights and an image of a prize designed by me.

[li]Use either American letter or European a4 style pages[/li][li]Use 10 point Courier type[/li][li]Entries must be submitted as an attachment in .pdf or .txt formats -edit-apparently .doc isn’t possible due to attachment constrictions, please post .pdf or .txt files.[/li]
[li]The moderators reserve the right to remove any posts.[/li][/ul] VOTING:
Every entry will be judged accoording to the criteria mentioned earlier. Everyone who votes is asked to give 1 to 4 points on each of the criteria (1 being bad-4 being good) for each entry. And is free to give additional comments.
In case of doubt last times winner has the final word on who wins. Winner will be announced within 1 week after the deadline.

Happy writing everyone!


Well I spend a few hours yesterday on this one page story involving the racer of team Beehard who feels a little old… it involves some advanced monowheel moves that might not be completely based in reality but should look cool.

Might try to do another one about before the race tonight… depends how tired I am (something I seem to be this week) I will do another one before the deadline though, since people from the FXwars! should be able to choose.

I hope you people are writing!

Edit: Wasn’t paying attention… used wrong type (times new roman) and it ended up 1.5 page after being corrected to courier new… I am not going to change it.

Also noticed I didn’t set a maximum length in the Challenge post… have corrected it to a maximum of three pages. My apologies to everyone… Roberto asked for one pagers but that is a little short for the extra character work we put in… try to stay short though.


okay… my second entry: female pilot remembers race after accident, the hook: she was wired to the car making it a part of her.

Hope to see more entries!


Ok guys we have gone live,

Ill repost this on the core mini challenge thread as we get them…



Hey Guys

Sorry this is a bit late. Had so much going on. I hope this is okay. :slight_smile:


thanks kadetkebab!

now I look less than a prat… with me posting the challenge and being the only one to actually reply to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Will try to have the new one up by friday…


hey Matsman

Looked like we both ended up prats cause we the only ones who replied to the thread. Ah well. Seems like no one else bothered. What happened guys?


Hej Kadetkebab! :slight_smile: Two makes a crowd I feel. don’t feel bad or as we say in holland (free translation) when two people feel bad, they both take only half the suffering.

Question for you:
You want to go on with the whole picking a winner and filling in the scoring matrix?
Personally I don’t feel the need.

Like I said I’ll post the new challenge this afternoon (should be up when you read this )
And it will be longer and bigger than this one.

And for all the other people out there:
Come and join kadetkebab and me for the fun in
CgTalk:Unofficial Writing Challenge:2 -The Souk

[size=2]we would love to read what you can come up with.[/size]


yeah makes no sense to judge if there are only 2 of us. besides, i can maybe understand this time. We were waiting a long time for this to get up off the ground. then all of a sudden the challenge was there. so we can let this one slide. but now with the new challenge we can give people plenty of time to prepare.

so let’s get on with the next and hopefully more people take part!


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