CgTalk Daily Sketch 270 'The sound of happiness'


‘The sound of happiness’

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  • They can be done on any medium.
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  • Only original compositions. No “tributes” or plagiarizing, unless is it an integral part of the challenge.
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  • The artist also has to post total length of time it took (Thanks Clanger for the idea) and program used.
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  • Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.
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First time i’m first :slight_smile:

Photoshop CS + wacom, 1hr


, ok so for you the sound of happiness is your wacom pen bouncing on the wall
hitting the floor getting smashed by your feet in your way to dinner ???

  :D   :D [img][/img]    :applause:  great pic man :thumbsup:!


Played with a demo version of Alias Sketchbook Pro for this one. Pretty cool little program. Although it took a while and I didn’t end up with quite the image I wanted, just because I’m much more familiar with Photoshop. About an hour - part of that time was just getting used to the program.


edit: gosh, forgot about info. 10 min, illustrator + tablet.


Tried to see how i could sketch crowds. It went ok although painting would be difficult. So the sound of happiness is… crowds shouting at victorious warriors or something like that. By the way, good work folks!


painter 50 minutes


Crazy3DMan: your sketch is really great

OpenCanvas, around two hours.
( hints or tutorials welcome )


I can´t believe this… I thought it was the sound of silence! not the sound of happiness :eek:

ok, I made a drawing but I´m not going to post it because it has nothing to do with the topic

anyway, this is daily so… see you tomorrow
Nice sketches everyone
and thanl you for your comments on the tablet working crazy3dman.


happiness doesnt need to be noisy :wink:

oblivisci, crazy3dman, White Rabbit : awesome work, guys!
i’ve no time to do anything but work today… deadlines looming :banghead:


oblivisci: stylized work! i love it!

here’s mine: around 1h30, photoshop cs… maybe i’ll update it later :slight_smile:


Really great sketchs so far. I was out almost all day and recently got home. I’m falling asleep, so no more time. Sorry for the simplicity.

OpenCanvas/10 minutes

EDIT: Converted the file to a png since the Jpeg had too many commpression artifacts (and the file size is now smaller).


mdme_sadie - don’t know exactly what it is that I love about your sketch - it brought a smile, though! well done!

Drumwhore - yours reminds me of the Ween song, “Little Birdy” - love it!


Drumwhore - thank you, i absolutely love the purple giant. purple giants are too rare.


also trying for a crazy3dman style :slight_smile:

but i got bored

10-15 mins


Here’s mine. I can’t believe it took me nealy 3 hrs on this thing. I guess I forgot how time flies on me when I’m having fun. Actual time is: 2 hrs 45 mins. Done by hand & Photoshop.:smiley:

Drumwhore, yours is soooo cool. :bounce: Mine is stylized and the instrument representing the sweetness of sound is simple. But not bad for my second attempt here…


PS 2.5 hrs

Note: the ear was pulled from a drawing I submitted to the 2d forum:


Great work everyone!

esp: crazy3dman and drumwhore

  • Gord


Thanks Gordonm - Love your colors. Makes me think of Peter Max.


Thanks - I was thinking of him …and… the Beatles…and … “the summer of love”…and Jimi Hendrixs’ “are you experienced” album cover …and - Uh - Ok Ok - I confess, I was tripping down memory lane! (but it was fun!) :slight_smile:

  • Gord