CgTalk Daily Sketch 267: THE FUNDAMENTALS 007:2 Minute Thumbnails-Avatar Night Club


CgTalk Daily Sketch 267:THE FUNDAMENTALS007: 2 Minute Thumbnails:Avatar Night Club


Welcome to ART Fundamentals week at the Daily Sketch forum.
The idea is to go back and practice core skills for one week.

2 Minute Thumbnails: Enough killing, stop this mindless destruction!! Lets dance and drink beers:slight_smile:

The rules…

There are no rules!
Good luck

PS To submit your topic ideas and suggestions go to this thread:


:eek: there are no rules?!?! :smiley: :applause:


We are now in the peace process :bowdown:

cool thread :slight_smile:


Party!!! :bounce::bounce:


Heeeh, thank you everyone for the awesome time in the avatar wars thread. Am so sorry I couldn’t respond and kill everyone back who killed me, I’d have been stuck day and night painting.

So, anyway, this is what we’ve come to –


2 minute? so we can only sketch for two minutes?>


Good one!
I´ve just made one of you Roberto, as a birthday present.
It´s a pity you’ll have to wait until tonight for me to scan it. :thumbsup:

augustus… that goro one is awesome!


whee 2 min fun


2 and a half minutes… sorry I am not so fast… I had to add the drunken chicken.

Hey you said no rules… monkeys get blurry visions when they drink to much.
bring it on for monkey love.



This is mine

I am singing “I feel good” :slight_smile:

about 2-3 minutes


probably longer than 2 mins… ps cs + wacom
probably not good readable…


Photoshop, 5min. (i know, 250% time too long:/).


2nd one :slight_smile:


and anotherone :slight_smile:


photoshop - 7
a couple of minutes


Photoshop, about 15 min.


2 min
Painter IX

Um, yeah, that’s me. :argh:


you guys are too sweet! remember there are no rules given, so… lets foodfight!!!


Party party party!!! :bounce::bounce:

A few mins, ArtRage


This 2-minutes limit is so hard to keep :confused:
Heres another 5min-pshop pic: