CgTalk Daily Sketch 265: THE FUNDAMENTALS 005: Portraiture:Portrait-Picture


He he! Hey Ilikesoup, the old ladybirds bedspread is doing great! I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! Who knows I might ask for a stag-beetles overcoat for my birthday…!

Your accent ain’t too bad either. At least it’s not as bad as Don Cheadle’s in Oceans 11/12!

“We’re in right Barney Rubble!”




as ninjababe :slight_smile:

Again excellent exercise, around 3h (to be save), tried different things like giving her weapons, but after several ideas I skipped the ideas (I was nearing the 3h)
Don’t know if I captured the likeness :scream: though.

Think I’m going to do another one (who shall I pick, heheh…)


hiya, my first thread in WIP - portrait section, also my first thread in CG TALK. this a portrait pencil sketch of my gal friend. =) i admit i didnt copy exactly how she looks tho. some comments plz…


Sorry man, you forgot to add the picture. :slight_smile:


Art2: haha:love:so that’s how i’d look like with a head scarves :D(it’s too hot to wear any head wrappings here tho lol) it’s a very good likeness, thank you!


Well, I always look at these things and say, “I should at least try…” and never really do.
But today, while I was on the phone, I sketched this. A poor attempt at a caricature of octothreat. Sorry if ti offends. I really never do caricature. Thought I might learn once and well, was in the mood tonight.

So here goes my first ever post in the daily sketched…

Thanks yall


Finally had time to sit down and comment on all the portraits done of me. First off – thank you so much to those who took the time to paint me :smiley:

DesireeJReynolds – love it :slight_smile: The colours are all sparkly and sweet, reminds me a lot of how I used to paint fairies and fey a while ago :] Very flattering.

element5 – Absolutely love the style you used here. Very sketchy and nifty, almost like a reflection on trembling water.

leitchy – The picture just refuses to load. I’ll check again later and see if it’ll work then :confused:

gizmodus – Whoo, love it. You somehow caught that fairytale feel I was aiming for with the photo :slight_smile:

Vitriolic – Wow, I’m amazed :smiley: The likeness is actually almost uncanny, you caught a lot of my defining features here. Also love how you did the pale stripe in the bang, it really looks like hair. And great colours, no matter whether they were picked off the image or not. Very smooth, green tones (I love green)

FridayEve – Awesome colour use here :smiley: It’s so weird, because you’ve picked colours I often use in my self-portrait photos anyway (reddish-purple), so if I just quick-look at it, it looks like one of my photos rather than a portrait. I love the way you made the hair look (especially the brush strokes near the bottom of the braids)

deaderthanred – I look so cute! :love: Love the look you caught in my eye, there. That’s me in my flirty mode, ha ha. Also, very nice background colour and how you just picked out a few highlights with brighter tones.

crazy3dman – Hahah, man, you caught the essence of me! I love the evil colour scheme, and how absolutely wicked my eyes look. Also love the stitches, it’s like a combination of the real me and the avatar me from the avatar wars :smiley: (Also, like how you caught my profile. My nose has an odd curve to it that people tend to miss somehow)

El-Rodente – Me likey :] very expressionistic and stylistic piece, there. I look almost scared (rather than scary, as in crazy3dman’s portrait, heheh)

The Ton – love, love, love that picture of me. I look delightfully evil, and the way Azrael’s eyes glows is just perfectly wicked! Great way of doing the braids, too, they look almost as if they sparkle! (also, ha ha, Azrael as the EVIL beast in your second version just ROCKS)

mybutterflyiris – Oo, beautiful colour use. I love the blue of the background and the colours you picked for my skin. Very nice :smiley:

JDShaffer – Awesome style on this one. I’ve never seen my picture done in cel-shading like that, it looks wonderful. The expression on my face seems so melancholy, almost.

Phew, that’s it, I think. All of them. Again, thanks :smiley:


Enayla, you’re more than welcome. It is most flattering to receive praise from such a good artist.

I am really glad you liked it (and that you enjoyed the underlying menace…)
As you say, it was delightfully evil… :twisted:

The Ton

PS How goth? Merely pop goth or extreme doom goth?


Mahlikus - don’t worry, I love it:D

Great portraits everyone!!


Thanx for your kind words, I hope to get better at doing people…its not one of my stronger skills…Take care :slight_smile:


I know it’s a bit late but I just got my webcam mailed over from America. My fiance made the screen caps and collage for me. So here’s me…and yes, though my webcam is crap, i really am about that pale…


Oh, and here’s my painting of Enayla. I included a face detail since I had to make the image so small to host it… shy Be nice please, it’s my first try at this.

Done in Paintshop Pro 7. Took me about 6hrs.


Anariel - Very nice painting! I love the fabric, especially at the botom of her dress.


Anariel, nice painting! Very good likeness, she reminds me of Arwen Evenstar (Lord ot Rings).


crazy3dman: Thanks, the dress took me the longest of anything.

Art2: Thanks. Yeah, for some reason Enayla reminds me of Arwen a bit, she has that regal high elf quality to her…so I had Arwen in mind when I painted it.


Haha, somebody just ran outta luck, 'cause somebody’s gonna get their face mangled. :twisted: .

Yours truly will see to that.

And for now you’ll have to do with this, it’s the closest resemblence other than a jackass.

I can’t believe I didn’t start with your daily sketchgroup sooner!!! AAaargh!


you’re going to paint goro?:slight_smile:


Hopefully a lot more!

But now he’s also on the hitlist, lol.:scream:


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