CgTalk Daily Sketch 214 "my alien girlfriend"


[b]“my alien girlfriend”


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Photoshop 20min…


Hahaha, Nice take on the subject. :slight_smile:



i am really getting fun, while sketching/painting. I am doing 3d Animation for about 10 years by now, and never thought about painting…this is strange…but it makes a lot of fun, so i will continue…and this “Daily sketching” is really a nice thing to learn…


Simple one. ~20 mins with Painter.


hey, this is very fine…
very light and a warm mood…i like it…


Hehe nice topic, had fun painting it.

Ok here she is, an all spacy alien girly.
But she can be quite dangerous! :smiley:

2 hours and 1 minute in photoshop

I hope you like it.
Funny what different things allready got painted, thats why I like the sketchgroup. :applause:


hehehe nice one doomdragon :stuck_out_tongue:


1 hour for the sketch and 2 hours of feeling all thumbs in photoshop. I really like the line weight of my original sketch but it all goes south when i get in the computer.

Nice sketch Doomdragon


Good work every one.

I wanted to do this image with out using hte outlines but its so damn hard and I think it ended up looking better with them. What am i doing wrong?

ill post both and Id like to know which people like best.

2 hours photoshop and tablet


thebigxer, the one with outlines, definitely.


ThomasKI - good idea…wish I could tell more what she looks like
agustus - nice free flowing sketch
doomdragon - I really like that one. And she has really BIG…feet! :slight_smile:

bigXer - I have the same problem…I think we just need to make sharper lines for the outside edges of an object to more clearly define it…then it won’t need the black line work.

Any suggestions from others on this topic of the outlines would be really helpful !

I think I may try and play around with the style of Goro and FridayEve. Maybe if I play around with the brushes and strokes I’ll figure it out a little bit. But either way, I think they are far better artists than I am, so it will be a pale attempt…but worth the effort.


Painter - Wacom - 30min


wow ! This is great ! Absolute style…but…i don`t like the eyes…Looks like these little nasty guys from starwars, which always say “Hootidiee”…But the rest is amazing !
WOW !!


Hey all!

I started these daily sketches when they started way back when. I haven’t posted any for no apparent reason. I should keep doing them, so I’ll start with this real quick sketch.

PS for 20 mins.

I’m not exactly sure what they’re walking towards, but it’s probably really interesting.



Hey!! We have some nasty sketchs here today!! Allright, i´m almost ashame of showing my girlfriend to you guys. But i love her so much… Here she is:

20 min, Photoshop and Mouse.


Nice Andrewley
I decided to try and imitate FridayEve’s style and I actually like my outcome. Unfortunately I started the image 800by600 and then had to crop it this small cuz I didn’t have time to finish the rest. Any tips Friday?

Should have spent more time on it but I need to get to bed.
30 min, Painter 9, mouse


hey thebigxer, about the outlines, the one in witch they appear is better than the other, but i think the second has much more future than the first one. So what is necessary to make it look better?

More contrast (in my opinion…). You are using the outlines to separate the drawing and the background, you should try to think a litle about how the colors could do this to your drawing. Use shade and lights to separate the back and the front and you will have a better aspect.

if you make changes to the second one post it for us!

And andrewley… What a nice sketch! 30 min… Wow! Wanna be like you, Fridayeve and Vitriolic when i grown… Hehe!


thebigxer - I prefer the pic without outlines, but the chin stubble in the first was a nice detail. I like the way you shaded the alien’s collar. Keep practicing your shading and soon you won’t need the outlines at all – meanwhile try using lighter colors cuz black is too distracting. More contrast between shapes will help – darker bg will make the alien stand out and the highlights more noticeable. Also, make sure you choose a light source and make sure your highlights and shadows are consistent. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


thx juliano7s, SUB7NYC & robinayles

Regarding the…uhm…feet, yeah well thats alien anatomie you know, it may look a bit strange to us but thats how nature created them. Probably thats because they have different gravity on their planet. :wink: