CgTalk Daily Sketch 210 "She is Having a Baby


"She is Having a Baby
Roberto Ortiz

At 4:46 December 31th 2004 came to the world Ignacio Antonio Casaldeiro and I became a very proud uncle.

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Pfff it was pretty hard to draw a baby in the belly (16 min- photoshop):


1hour PhotoshopCS, Wacom



Here is a quick sketch made with PS7 + Wacom Graphire. Took me about 20 mins.


My nasty side reared its ugly head :twisted:

Painter, 40 minutes…


Photoshop - 30min - Mouse

wow, thats great!

@Sir Lumps
kewl, baby for breakfast :cool:


I tried to keep it simple this time >^_^<
Photoshop, about an hour just getting the lines right, scrapping stuff, and redoing a couple of times.


Sir Lumps . . . that is just gross! Unless of course there is a little mustard to help it go down.:twisted:

Mom cat . . . I love your simple piece. Beautiful.


She is having a baby…

Congratulations, Tio Roberto!


thomaski, that is the grossest ive seen !


about 45 mins in painter:shrug:
congrats roberto!


Congratulations Roberto! Hope you’re his favorite uncle! :thumbsup:

LOL, there’re some rough images here… LOL :cool:

Illustrator+Wacom = 30min (because I took part of the other thread’s image and re-used it :slight_smile: )


Hooray for baby Ignacio! :smiley:

photoshop 25 min, oh thats a speed rekord for me I think


My husband took a profile picture of me about a week before I had my son. I then took my silhouette and created this. It’s now hanging in my son’s bedroom.

camera image/PS7.0/mouse/It probably took me about an hour or two to get the sillhouette just right.


Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Looks like there might be a new artist in the world. Here’s my take on it. Got a little bored, been so busy with school haven’t had time to do much. Now its finally time for break and I get to play around. Trying a new style of painting… saw some screensaver that did it in real time, thought I might try it out.

Total 1.5 hours - on and off all day Photoshop


40 mins - Photoshop.

SirLump + MomCat - Great drawings !



2 hours /painter


Aww not again! I have to post mine after fridayeve’s :frowning:

Anyways I think this is the piece piece of artwork I’ve EVER DONE!

about 2hours in photoshop. Id like some feedback on this one cause I dont think got the walls done to good nor the outside.


Whew, my first contribution here :slight_smile: Probably due to my getting a nice 12x9" tablet (not Wacom unfortunately) this Christmas… Anyway, took about 1hr in Photoshop, still not much to look at next to your contributions, but hey, who cares?


I had to do it:) 1+ hours in photoshop. Fridayeve, that is just awesome. Your light and colors just set such a mood and feeling. Lumps, I love it. Everyone else, good stuff.