CGskin crashes at max8


It crashes and quit at Max8 whith this trial version.Any solustion or fix right now?Would like to buy before figure out.Thanks


I found a simple fix for the same problem with max 7, maybe it will work for you.

  • create a CgSkin folder in your Max plug in folder ex : C:\3dsmax8\plugins\CGskin

  • Grab the CgSkin.dlo and put it in that CgSkin folder.

  • Edit your max plug in .ini file (C:\3dsmax8\plugin.ini) and add this directory at the top of the list, before any other plug in directory. ex :

    CGSkin = C:\3dsmax8\plugins\CGskin
    Standard MAX plug-ins=C:\3dsmax8\StdPlugs
    Additional MAX plug-ins=C:\3dsmax8\plugins

  • then try starting up max again.

Obviously the issue for me was that CGSkin hd to be loaded before some other plug in (dunno which one), doing this just fixed it up. Hope it works for you.




Thanks Adriano,it works well at max as your way.But didn’t match CS and crashed sometimes.


We cant make CGSkin crash on any version of max or hardware/software configuration… but I know a nubmer of people have been having problems on max load.

As soon as we can reproduce the problem we can fix it – untill then we just keep searching for a way to crash it here.




we were crashing cgskin (trial version) here as well (all on Boxx systems - both AMD and Intel) but by following Adriano’s work around, all is well…




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