CGS Site update news


We are in the final stages of migrating the site and updating the platform. The site may have issues over the next few days as we work to finalize the last steps and appreciate your patience.

While we make the transition some of these updates will affect the social share buttons like Facebook as switching the site means we have to wait for the approval process again with FB etc.

Other issues have to do with simply fixing some of the non-transferable areas of the site that have to be reconnected. Most issues should be resolved over the next 2 days at which time we will list a bug forum to report any unexpected issues we are not aware of .

If you have trouble logging in please email info@ or alternatively if you notice anything off with your portfolio or profile dont hesitate to send myself a pm here or post a reply on this thread so we can provide help to you.

If you run into bugs and would like to help report the issue please post here

Thank you for your support.


There seems to be a problem related to Firefox.

Firefox shows “400 Bad Request” when I try to load When I try to log into my account the following error message pops up:

Chrome works fine.


Hey StefanB,
Are you still having this issue. It’s working for me?


I am really liking the new site guys. Great job! Where should we post about bugs and error messages?


Checking firefox now. If it happens again can you please screen grab the url for us


seems to be working now let us know if you are still having trouble


Thanks, Firefox works after I deleted all the cookies for this domain.


same problem with chrome, is impossible login with account :frowning:


Lacio can you try logging in with incgnito mode and tell me if it still happens please


incognito work fine, in standard mode I have disabled all the extensions and deleted the cache, the problem keep on.


I can login with incognito in firefox, but not in standard. Keep getting a red error box with weird code in the top right.


remi go to on the home page and clear your cookies then try logging in there not on the forum you may be cached into the other site still


Lacio trying to replicate your issue here. you can log in in incognito. ill get back to you shortly


You can post bugs here in this forum or you can post here after today so we can keep up on fixes


Rebooted pc. Now it’s all ok!!! :wink:


Thanks for letting us know Lacio


Not exactly a bug, but the main 3ds max forum now shows all posts from the subcategories, which is very messy if you aren’t interested in those. Will that be changed again or will (or are?) we able to choose which posts are displayed? So far I only found the option to sort them by category which isn’t terribly helpful either.


Hi Noren doing a quick photoshop mock up to see if it solves the issue or if we need to create a subcategory for the main forum post to keep them from mixing in

At the top you are able to see ALL new topics under the main 3dsmax category or only the new post.


Hi Travis,

Thanks for your quick reply. I suppose there is an image I’m not seeing?



Sorry Busy day :wink: at the top you can select latest which is a catch all for all new post including the sub categories thats selected by default.

This is how the forum software works but we will look at changing it tonight because its not a great system to try and match it up to the old sysytem