CGS logos


Hello Climax. As I have mentioned in some earlier conversations about this I believe they are good to display on your site and on your printed material because those visiting your personal website, possibly business prospects, see you being a member of a great learning resource as a plus. Of course we all know it truly comes down to talent whether or not you get work but its always helpful when people see you love your craft so much that you become members of various groups and organizations that relate to it. That type of thing will go that extra mile when getting hired for a gig. For me, joining NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) was a benefit because not only can I use there logo on my material but it portrays sense professionalism.


Thanks for the explanation gstapleton, yeah, it is a goood idea :thumbsup:


So I guess these are for us to use for a website and stuff like that?:shrug:


Cool thanks :slight_smile: I was wondering what they were for hehe :smiley:


Cool, cool! Really nice to pop in your personal website!

BTW, is the new portfolio section not the best? Way to much fun!

Thanks to much!



No problems for me.


Being a new pay member as of tonight I don’t want to overstep my bounds so I hope this is kosher. People (including me) seemed to want the “member” logo for their sites. So I went ahead and recreated it all vectory. I’m no guru with the old Pen tool but I think it looks pretty nice. Included is a PSD file with everything on it’s own layer plus paths for the “CG” logo and the two fonts mentioned by Chiaroscuro.


Actually, not necessary, as CGSociety provided them:


Is that the member logos (under our avatars) or the “CG Society” ones from the first post of this thread? I certainly wouldn’t reproduce something and post it in a thread started because someone else already did it.


In conclusion… is it allowed or not to use the logo of the cg menber, in our personal works and web?..does it allow it the management of CG SOCiety?..excuse my English poor person