CGS logos


Just a logo to toss on your website or wherever you want.

Works for me now. Thanks for the info on logging into cgnetworks, I don’t ever remember logging into cgnetworks, only cgtalk. Figured they were the same, used same login server:shrug:


ah, ok.
Downoaded and opened whiout problems here


I want JPEGS JPEGS JPEGS. Waahhh!! :cry::cry:



I’ll get Tim to render out a bunch of different formats including EPS, TIF. That will solve the problem.

I’m staggered at the amount of problems that using AI has caused.



/me dons open-source, open-format cap

Is there any chance that you could provide the logos in .svg format?



Wouldn’t it have been easier to just use JPEGs or PSDs? I can’t open these files because I don’t have Illustrator.

Try opening the .ai in Photoshop, it worked for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks, works fine for me now.


I have updated my original post with the link to the new CGS logos in various formats.
(See: top of page 1)


Yep, worked perfectly! :thumbsup:


Here you go Ben - You ask; You get :thumbsup: 
SVG format Logos have been added to the  list…y_id=2924&page=

Enjoy :)


Just Ok! Thank’s! :bounce:


Thanks! To be honest, I can’t stand illustrator, it’s so counter-intuitive. (I mean, I have difficultly getting anything decent out of it, because I am rubbish at it :blush: )

However, for some reason, Inkscape, which uses .svg as its basic format, I have little to no problems with. Go figure... :)

Anyway, thanks for converting them!


Edit: (PS With Linux/KDE, I can use it directly as a background… it works really well on a dual screen)


Hey all, the .eps ones I downloaded were jpegs or something that had been inserted into an .ai file and saved as .eps. They are not vector line art. I will go ahead and convert these for vinyl cutting. I can make vinyl stickers of these logos, for anyone interested, for a fee I don’t know what would be yet. If you all in charge want to contact me regarding making these vinyl stickers available to society members, feel free to do so, and we can work something out.
They can be, black, white, or whatever. Even brushed chrome. They would be made with 3M transfer tape, and would have a shelf life, but vinyl makes for a nice clean look. Prolly not much use to webslingers, but great for windows and cars and stuff. If anyone knows the fonts, that would greatly speed the conversion.

If vector art is avaible now, I’ll redownload.


Before I go on, I just want to make it clear that I am not part of the CGNetwork team, and have converted these on my own. If they are not up to scratch, Mods, you know what to do.

I have converted the Adobe Illustrator .svg to generic .svg and exported it as vector .eps (I hope). I (rapidly) cleaned the .svg of most adobe-only parts to the point that it would work in Inkscape (, and I think it still looks as it should do, whilst being a lot smaller.

So, the svg files should work in inkscape/sodipodi as well as hopefully still being importable into Illustrator. The .eps should be standard…

Use these with discretion… MODS: If these offend, please remove…


Hi ben_o, nice conversion. The .eps files open in AI just fine. It looks good to me, I was about to convert myself, but in doing so, at least I have found the font match: the “CG” is Square721BdExBT, and the thinner copy is Square721ExBT. This would allow the ability to add copy to materials, but there might be some guidelines for that.


ahhhhh, many thanks for these…:arteest:


Thanks for the logos. I’m in the middle of redesigning my site and wanted to somehow show my affiliation with CGSociety. I’ve downloaded all the files with no problems at all.



Is there a version of the little cg society member logo, that appears underneath our avatars, in a format with transparency info (.png?) ?

That would be handy for slapping on member homepages.


I just saved the image file to my computer, photoshoped the gray part out, uploaded it to my site, and puesto. Here is the link to file if you are interested:


Sorry for the question, I saw the thread and came to see what’s going on in here, downloaded the logos and decompressed with winrar smootly, with no problems, …but, what are they for?:shrug: