CGS logos


Ok guys, sorry about all the hassles with the CGS logos.
I have re-checked both the AI files and added new EPS versions for everyone, so this should solve any and all the problems you have been experiencing.

If you do experience any more issues please email Mibus - - to let him know.



Well, the new one is not extractable either! Any chance of getting it send by mail again?


Hey, what’s happening here, can’t anyone just put the .AI or .EPS file available somewhere ?? Logo should be automaticly sent via email to each new CGS Member if you ask me, to put our hands on it is a real hassle man.



Ditto, I was unable to Unzip the file with the latest version of WinZip.

“Does not appear to be a valid archive”


I’ve put another set up here:

( You’ll need to have logged in on CGNetworks first though - )

Can everyone with problems please email me - - and let me know your browser & OS?



hm… no problems here.
mac osx build-in unzip


Usually when someone has .ai probs, the simplest way to solve it is by saving it on version 7 or lower (export on cs)


FYI, the download link in the above post still gives a corruption error when trying to extract the zip file.

The above download link works! No problem extracting that zip file. :slight_smile:


The new link works good.


The zip problem seems to be caused by posting it as an attachment. I’ve seen people in the max forums complain about corrupted zip attachments on several occasions.

Hope this helps.


This is rediculous. It seems like the majority of people is having problems getting this file. Even the direct link is problematic.


Yeah, that’s been my experience also… trying this may work.


Both links works fine for me but I can’t open any of the files, be it .ai or .eps, as I only have Illustrator 7.



Wouldn’t it have been easier to just use JPEGs or PSDs? I can’t open these files because I don’t have Illustrator.

Is there anywhere where I can get the JPEGs?



no probs here.

cheers. :slight_smile:


Heh, I’m having the same as everyone else plus another problem I havn’t seen anyone bring up yet. Stupid problem, I checked my cookies and that’s not it. I can’t seem to go to the direct link post on the second page. Keeps telling me.

“You are either not a member of the CGSociety, or you have cookies disabled.”

heh, I’ll probably be able to figure it out later. No patience to look into it right now. Maybe someone knows the answer to that real quick.

I am also one of the others that can’t get winzip, winrar, or windows xp (right click explore) to open it. Comes up corrupt. Usually what I did to fix it before was just use winzip if winrar didn’t work. Didn’t help this time.

I would also be interested in a .psd version.



“You are either not a member of the CGSociety, or you have cookies disabled.”

I forgot to mention originally that you must be logged in to CGNetworks in order to access the file there. I’ve updated my original post, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been knee-deep in packet dumps for the past two hours, and I’m fairly sure the original zip-attachment problem should now be gone. (For the record, it only affected IE and derivatives, IE was failing to decompress the mod_gzip’d encoded content properly).


Can you guys make a “Proud Member of CG Society” graphic. I don’t know what anyone would do with just the logo. I’m sure others would like to put it on their site… like me. I had to put in the “proud member of” in the graphic, i don’t know how kosher that is.


You can always import the .ai file in Photoshop!

(no matter what version)


hmm, a logo? why do we need it?
did I miss something?