CGS logos


OK, Here we go! Third time lucky! :slight_smile:
I have added all new CGS logos and have zipped them all individually by type.

We shouldn’t have any problems with these now but if anyone does, pls contact Mibus - - and let him know.



I am having problems extracting this image. Anyone else?


no problems here,

great to get these btw.

wooo hooo
:bounce: :thumbsup: :deal:


I am having problems extracting this image. Anyone else?

Yeah, i’m getting CRC errors all the time. Can’t open it! :frowning:


No problems here :applause:


Awesome! Just what I asked for :buttrock: Thanks a lot Tim and Leo :thumbsup:


For the few that has had success opening it, can you please let me know your process. I am using I believe the latest WinRAR.


worked fine for me. thank-yee kindly! :slight_smile:


I used WinRAR 3.42 and it worked just fine…


Thank you!


stuffit expander at this end and it worked okay. i would try downloading it again if you haven’t already - since it’s such a small file anyway.

thank you for the logos!


Can those with problems please email me - - and include a copy of the ZIP file, as it was downloaded?



Not sure whether this will help - but it looks like a compression algorithm problem.

The same download that I have works fine in the Linux archiving tool and in both WinRAR and WinZip on my Windows PC, but my portable (same version of WinZIP, but without WinRAR installed) won’t even acknowlege it as a valid Zip file and comes back with the corruption error.

I can’t see that one set of utilities would recover from a CRC like this and one wouldn’t just because it is on another PC - I’d suggest therefore that its a slightly different algorithm or internal settings, and the bare WinZip (at least some reviisions) is having probs because of it.


This is the error I am getting. When I hit ok it opens up but it looks like it is looking for a specific font. Anyone know that name so I can download it to my machine.


A better option would be if we could have a version with the fonts converted to curves - then we won’t have to worry about using them on different machines / print facilities.


Pharoh: I just took a look at the logos in Illustrator. By “curves” you mean making sure that all font information has been converted to “Outlines”, in Illustrator or a vector program.

I took both logos in to convert them…but they already have been. I do not know why Spacemanbob got a font error, when both the black and the white logo carry no font information.

I did not check the artboard of the document, but something could have been written in white (hidden now with the background, with the font specified below) and we are not seeing it, but I don’t think so.


I actually got a “font error” as well, but everything seemed allright, so I didn’t pay any attention to it… :thumbsup:


I’m having corupt zip errors all the way. I’m trying both the newst verstions of winRAR and winZIP…


Ditto for me. I tried DL’ng it about 6 times. No go.


Saving the illustrator files as generic vector .EPS files may help when trying to use programs other than Illustrator to open them (that’s been my problem, anyway).