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Interested… thanks for sharing!


Intressed in 3D scanning


I would like free scans. Thanks!


Thanks Everyone,

We should have the first kit together and mailing out this evening. Keep in mind the quality on the first ones is lower and the idea is to get better as we go and learn. I

All we ask in return is you show some of the work or results you are achieving as well good or bad and if you are ahead of the game share some tips

Also there is no clean up these files will include a normal level test scan obj and the Image sequences for you to render out at high and practice on your own.

If anyone takes the time to do clean up or light balance please take the time to share back.

We have some great locations coming up soon as well. Here is one that I am looking forward to returning to to share as well.


Count me in please!


Id love to get some of these for rendering. Thanks. : )


Please count me in. I just made my e-mail visible. Thanks again!


Thanks everyone we are a bit behind packaging and figuring out the best delivery method. To include the model texture and original raw files is from 5 to 50 gigs per asset. One solution would be to downres the images and upload jpg but then de lighting will be more of an issue.

Let us know what you would prefer. Faster downloads and smaller filesize or raw capabilities


I am good for jpeg with original size and quality 10. Thanks again!


Any trees and scans get packaged up in the last couple weeks? looking forward to looking at the quality of what you can make.



Would love to get some scans of rocks and terrain with rocks! Working on my short film and I need moon environments and someone who knows Nuke really well to help.


With siggraph and a few other distractions out of the way we will be sending out the package in the next few days. Zack from the world heritage fund is helping with zipping a few up including a high res output.

We are also testing out a mobile rig for quick headscans using a 5 camera set up friday and will post soke first results from that.

Please make sure to post some of your own test or projects in the forum as well. We are looking forward to your projects


I second Ian’s nuke request!!!


Please! Please add me!


So what happened???


Working around file size issues at the moment. This issue will be resolved this week. Due to the nature of some of the scans and photos at 50mb a piece some files are as large as 15gb so we are reviewing the best way to deliver. Good news os we have about 10 new scans in addition to the first pack


Zac W will be taking over as the Moderator or mentor for this forum and is helping us process and clean up these files . Check them out and upload whatever art you create to the cgsociety gallery on our front page

Lots more to come !


Those will be very handy for sure. Thank you very much!