CGS ENV 101 Members


Anyone that is interested in contributing or receiving
free weekly scans please add your name to the list below.


Hey I’m interested!

Was actually trying to photoscan over the weekend but had strange results-


Count me in.


I would try the surfaces flattest to the lens first. So a pass around the outside of the cup and you could probably get away with just 5 images go the top lid


I’ve got to start getting fuller model scans, most of mine are just ground textures for game textures.

I like your Banyan tree scan Travis:)

Id take a loot at this documentation form Agisoft, it helps show how to best capture 3D models. I think you need a lot more shots that are perpendicular to the sides of the cup as well as images from the top.


These are awesome, I’ve always wanted to get into scanning myself


Kory good to see you in here. I will be uploading a bunch of un rendered image series to try out some scans of your own with along with assets this week if you want to download photoscan or recap and jump in.

I also want to use this to get deeper into substance and creating my own materials Martin should be a big help here as well!


Martin upload jpg instead of png and I can plug your images


Mike Johnson :wink:


I would like to participate :slight_smile: [ Stephen Davidson (Steve) ]


Hey Mike and Steve! Happy to have you guys contributing.

This week is all medium level quality fast scans often in poor lighting to get used to getting out and
shooting next week will focus on fixing the pipeline and shooting high quality. Everything will be
made available for you guys to download and if you get out and shoot feel free to share as well


Hey Travis, I actually have been working on a few test game textures using the scans and substance designer. Hope to learn more about it soon.
Also I just fixed my reply so that all the images are now .Jpg format


I can help in retopo if needed :slight_smile:


As you can see we will need you my friend! At present I will likely set these up as medium level instead of high or ultra high and provide unrendered images for those that have strong machines and wish to go higher res


Uuuu beautiful stuff! I think this time I might be only on receiving end. One day I’m gonna hop in the scanning train, for sure!


I´m in!
Jonathan Hernandez


@Travis, I’m in. Send me some scans. Thanx.


Have to say Photoscan is damn impressive even at medium level this density cloud shot roughly is pretty impressive.
Picking up a few more shots today for the last of my week one experiments. Next week I’m going to cover masking
and breaking shots up with a more dedicated approach.

I have yet to try out recap so I will likely give it a try for the next Scan.


I’m in, thanks a lot ! Lucas Tebib

I played a lot with Photoscan these last 2 years and I love it, really simple yet so powerful!


count me in too, would love to learn more about this