12 weeks of learning environment necessities!

This forum is for artist that want to join me for an absolute noob journey into everything environment.

The forum will cover Software, Hardware, Photography, equipment, and accessories as well as all my experiences opinions
and failures along the way. I will update each week with assets that will be shared and review of what I am learning.
If you want to jump in join and share your own experience just let me know here.

We will cover
Photogrametry and equipment comparison comparing 5d mk iii and 5dsr

Photo-scan and Recap from Autodesk

Mega Scans
World Creator
Possibly Houdini if time allows
And lots of in between content along the way

This is all meant to help myself and those like me that have not needed to pick up substance or megascans
or do matte paintings but want to jump in and see what works for them and cover what makes each unique
We are Looking for the most useful groups out there.

Add your own opinion experiences and techniques along the way

Post a link to a group you think provides help and good exposure for artist and we will categorize them here to help artist find useful links to keep motivated.


Perhaps would be interesting to go over Maya MASH toolkit which has recently added “World” node which then contains Terrestrial Ecosystems distribution which is, as far as i know, based on some papers so it is scientifically plausible. Could be an interesting solution to render huge forests. You could use Maya to assembly the scene so import terrains from other software, populate plants and trees using MASH toolkit (World, Placer, Distribute and other nodes) and then render it all with Arnold (since it is already included in Maya). Just an idea.

Maya MASH (World node) >


I’m asking autodesk to set some of our users up with recap and to join us for a webinar. You sound like a good candidate, want to help?


Thanks for the offer but unfortunately i really can’t at this moment spare time to learn and experiment with some other software. I wish i do have because 3d scanning/photogrammetry also seems to be used more and more in production too if i am not mistaken, but i just have my hands full…I have lots of things going on currently, big life changes (in a positive way), some tiny bit of freelancing and then on top of it i am trying to learn more which is relevant to where i am currently and which include mostly stronger design theory and some programming. I did recently start to go more on the environment side but at the moment it is only hardsurface and architectural concept/modeling rather than natural landscapes.

About natural landscapes, i wanted to do a bit later when i catch some more time to focus on it. I want to check eOn Vue which i used a few years ago a lot and see if it is still of any use today. I used World Machine a lot too but instead of WM i really want to check this new cool one like Gaea and World Creator. Then more on sculpting (Zbrush, 3DCoat, Mudbox), texturing (Substance Painter) and maybe some plants and trees creation software…a lot of things to check that’s for sure.

I might join later and towards the end of this 12 week of learning journey and then if needed will play around with some new things! For now, i’ll definitely keep an eye what is going on here.


Sounds good keep us posted on your own progress and share man always interested in what you are up to and seeing you grow as a professional!


Updating this thread to include everything Photogrammetry. It only took me 2 weeks to see the impact this technology is already having on film and games and the importance for artist wanting to reach or remain at the top to hold an advantage!


Hi, i am currently working on some research paper about photogrammetry.It will be great if i can have a further discussion about the technology with you