CGPortfolio Basic Instructions -- READ THIS FIRST


Hi I’ve a question here, is it true the only way we can see the full size of our image by submitting it to the gallery page in the forum ? Because right now I’ve uploaded 2 images without thicking the ‘submit to cg gallery’ button, and I can’t seem to find a way to see the full size image.

edit: Actually I’ve seen people putting images on gallery without starting a thread. I’ve posted 2 images, but I can’t excess my gallery section now. Does it have to be approved first ?

edit 2: Nvm I already found it.

new question: Are the images automatically sized down to be fitted on the section?


ack, that’s something i’ve got to fix :slight_smile:


Love this. I would network people but, I am afraid I am not good enough for folks of your standards :smiley:


If you have to say that doode, i have to second that…:smiley:


I feel so unloved lol :smiley:


Also one other thing, are we alowed to use the portfolio as a place to host our WIP images? and if so, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be able to organize your pictures in to folders or groups and what not, have a main page for all your finished work then a wip section with groupds detailing how you made the images or whatever. the finished image would also automatically link to the wip group you have set up for it… so a user can easily see all the steps and your comments on each part and what not…


I want to build a dedicated WIP area;

In the mean time, feel free to post Wip stuff, just don’t submit it to the gallery :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

btw, I am interested… who are you? lol I know you are the main guy behind this portfolio, but I haven’t really seen you around the forums alot… at least in the general and news section… and 2d section… Either way you are doing a great job :slight_smile:

edit: also it would be a great idea if the list of apps used (when uploading an image) could be reduced to the top 5 used by the user, or at least bring the most recent 5 or 3 or something to the top of the list, that way the user doesn’t have to look through a list of 50 programs :stuck_out_tongue:

edit2: One other thing, the time on the portfolio says 09:52 (for my last entry) which I guess is right for cgtalk time, but is there any way to put it to my time? or at least have something like

09:52-CGTalk time 04:52-Geta-Ve’s Time 12:52-Your time

“your time” being the user that is looking at the image… maybe that is too redundant, just ideas though. Anyways, fantastic job!


I’ll look at localising times as a side project :slight_smile:

I need to build something so the packages so they’re universal throughout portfolio, and new ones can be added easily (yes, i know we could just allow people to type them in, but we want to be able to maintain searches for particular packages - so i want an easy way of just listing everything). In which case, I could have it so that it shows you a list of packages in your list of used software? What do people think?

The reason you’ve not seen me around much is because I’m primarily an animator, and lean to the more technical side of things even there. I’m generally to be found hanging around the 3dsmax forums or other 3d related areas.

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to work for and develop a community that I really enjoy being part of - now, if only I had some time to work on my animation :wink:


Awesome contribution to the CGSociety package goodies. I’m looking forward to setting this up :thumbsup:



How do we get invited to participate in this beta program? I would like to get one too! :slight_smile:


As per software idea, I like that. Have the user set up (as already done) which proggies they use most, and then on the image upload screen it will just display those proggies as the options.

And an animator eh? Nice :slight_smile: Well man, you are doing a great job on the Portfolio so hurrah to you! :thumbsup:


Just visit the portfolio pages ( ) and select ‘create new portfolio’


When is the official release of the portfolio-section? Is there yet any date planed?



Very soon :slight_smile:


This rocks! I can’t believe I ignored this thread for so long! :stuck_out_tongue:

Blog entry doesn’t show yet?
… runs off to read up on this stuff…

Haha, nm, found it. :banghead: