CGPortfolio Basic Instructions -- READ THIS FIRST


Can’t you add spaces for the username? Dunno, change them by an underscore for the domain or something? I just had my name changed from derbyqsalano and I’ve gotten quite fond of my spaces :frowning:


OK gotta admit this is pretty cool :slight_smile:


To quote Squirt form Finding Nemo: YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK DUDE! :smiley:

Awesome setup, can’t wait to get linked up and input google earth url and… and… Gotta catch’em all! runs off with a big net :smiley:


Super Duper Kewl…Always too lazy to do my homepage…now CGSociety gives it…im taking it baby!

Worth the fee we pay. Thanks all!


This might not be quite right…

1, gives me “The requested URL /google_earth.php was not found on this server.”

2, it says my last visit to Cg portfolio was 1970… :surprised (and the Portfolio Summary text is black…) See attachment. Using Firefox


No prob so far…great to have my own gallery finally


Ditto :smiley: having tons of fun clicking away here. Great job guys!

Question - once it’s fully implemented, is there going to be a button on that <<< panel that links to a members portfolio?


Nice features guys, realy love it :slight_smile:

Will make some work to add some art’s.


Same happened to me. Uploaded a pic for (testing purposes) and it ended up being submitted for the 2D Gallery, although I unchecked the box “submit to CGGallery”
Please delete the thread if possible :slight_smile:


Perhaps the submission to gallery thing should be unchecked by default? I’ve almost done the same thing twice :slight_smile:

:edit: Argh, spoke too soon - think I’ve submitted some stuff. Can someone please delete if so? Thankee!


I see some very old work in my cgportfolio! :o I’d forgotten I even submitted that one…argh…off I go to delete…


Haha, the Galleries are going to be bombarded :smiley:


This is looking really great, I was unsure wheter to renew this year, but now my choice has been made for me :smiley:
Could you guys add Nevercenter’s Silo to the list of used apps please


Wow guys, this is quite amazing and very impressive. Thanks for all the work involved!


Nice, good stuff :slight_smile:


Edit: Saw paperclips post answering my question O.O


Sweeet!! Hmm…maybe now I will get motivated to finish projects for the gallery. :slight_smile:


Woww … a very good idea… If I find class of You…

Greeting Jörg


Very cool! :smiley: yeah!


edit: placed the previous content of this post in the “stuff is broken section”

Great work on the portfolio system - the design and its functions are beautiful