CGPortfolio Basic Instructions -- READ THIS FIRST


Another suggestion…

Would be nice to not have to fill out all my info again if I screw up once on submitting a portfolio image.


It only did this when I was underneath the 100 character minimum (which I misread as maximum). Improper image file size kept my info. Still, you could do some AJAX or Javascript style error checking to make sure everything is kosher, instead of reloading the page.

Sorry, I have a big mouth. Just figured I’d toss out ideas, take em if you want em. :slight_smile:


Would be nice to have a visual warning stating you need to upload a minimum 600x600 image. Honestly, I think it’s kind of a weird limit to have. Some of my work may be taken off of DVDs, which would be 720x480 resolution at most. So I don’t know what more I can do, really. I could hope that they have some of my shots on a trailer, and that they release the trailer in HD on Apple’s website, and that I can take screencaps, but… getting a high-resolution copy of stuff for your reel is not really very common.


Hey all,

Currently putting together some content for you guys to enjoy. Thank you all for the hard work putting this together for us.



a little fyi for you guys.

attached. happened after I added someone to my favorite portfolios.


PS: I’m on Firefox on mac


Hey. Great work with the portfolio system. I love the setup.

Just one thing atm: Any chance of getting img tags for the blogs?


I get a similar thing at the top of the page when trying to upload gallery images. It says:

Array ( [name] => Array ( [image] => anguish_001.jpg [thumb] => ) [type] => Array ( [image] => image/jpeg [thumb] => ) [tmp_name] => Array ( [image] => /tmp/phpsevQdC [thumb] => ) [error] => Array ( [image] => 0 [thumb] => 4 ) [size] => Array ( [image] => 270379 [thumb] => 0 ) ) Array ( [image] => Array ( [name] => Array ( [image] => anguish_001.jpg [thumb] => ) [type] => Array ( [image] => image/jpeg [thumb] => ) [tmp_name] => Array ( [image] => /tmp/phpsevQdC [thumb] => ) [error] => Array ( [image] => 0 [thumb] => 4 ) [size] => Array ( [image] => 270379 [thumb] => 0 ) ) )


woops… should go away now, we’re still building stuff (mostly admin stuff now) and i broke something, my bad.


The image upload stuff is frustrating for me. I have run across almost every invisible barrier I could:

  1. Image description under 100 characters.
  2. Image size under 600x600.
  3. Image size over 500kb.

I mean, I don’t upload stuff to cgsociety servers real often, so maybe these are commonplace things most are aware of, but having to submit the same thing 4 times is annoying.

Also, like I said in an earlier post, I strongly disagree with the 600x600 limit. Some of my work I won’t be able to upload because of it.


Ok, the file size is now set at a minimum of 480x480, and i’ve turned the character limit back off (i thought this might be what was breaking uploads but it turns out it was not the case)


i cant register ‘eek’ it says its invalid or inuse?


Usernames under 3 characters and under are concidered invalid i’m afraid.

*Edit: changed error text to reflect this error better.


nooooo!! so if i change it will my username on cgtalk be changed? im just known as ‘eek’ everywhere.


yeah, that’s pretty much the sum of it, perhaps a bit more of a scare, and use the username ‘eeek’ ? Sorry for the trouble.


yep, got it too.


Aaaack! I accidentally submitted two things to the finished 3d work thing and I didn’t mean to! Can someone PLEASE delete the threads? The fantastic four and the ultraviolet shots?! I REALLY need them taken down. Last thing I need is someone coming along and saying, oh, he didn’t create that from scratch! That’s our intellectual property! I’ma cease and desist the shit out of him!

As an additional little thing, the info I filled out for those images didn’t propagate out to the finished 3d gallery threads.


ok, they’ve been ‘rejected’


Thank you so much, antrent! I thought that checkbox was going to make the images I upload automatically appear in my cgportfolio gallery, not create a thread in the 3d works gallery on cgtalk. Cool feature, but I completely misunderstood it. Maybe demarcating it with a color, or giving it a tooltip that explains it a bit better would be nice?


Thanks you very much!!! I gonna work on my portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:


This is fantastic guys! I’m just having a look through it all now. Will let you know if I run into any issues. :thumbsup:


Okay, I’m done for now. Good show, y’all.

Some notes:

  1. I tried running some language filter tests on my blog. Dirty language seemed to get through then my blog posts disappeared. I don’t know if this is a feature or a bug. Also, short “testing 123” messages seemed to disappears.

  2. Is there any way to delete gallery images? I have some I might want to upload for private friends-only viewing, but I would definitely want the option of taking them down. I didn’t see any “delete image” options.


there is no delete function yet, whilst portfolio remains bound to cgtalk’s gallery it’s rather tricky to impliment, you can turn images off in the gallery however;

In the future, portfolio will replace the gallery on cgtalk and that will make removal of images much easier.

There is no filth filters that I’m aware of, are you sure your blog entries are disapearing?