CGPortfolio Basic Instructions -- READ THIS FIRST


What is CGPortfolio?
CGPortfolio allows artists to store, display and organise their artwork, as well as network with friends and colleagues. By having artwork hosted on the CGSociety, artists are able to leverage on the immense marketing engine that the CGSociety provides.

Cool Features video
Here’s a 6 minute video showing off some of the cool features of the CGPortfolio - the networking, Google Earth integration, fan clubs, etc.

Getting Started
To sign up for a CGPortfolio you must first be logged into the CGSociety.

Once you are logged in, visit the page:

You will be provided with your own personal domain. E.g.

Domains may only consist of alpha-numeric characters, hyphens and underscores. Because of this unique feature, you may be asked to change your username accordingly.

Once your are logged in, you will see the personal details page. Fill in details as appropriate. We require at least your full name, country of residence and an email address. Once you have filled this page, click “Save Details”.

You will now be shown details of your account, verify that your details are correct and click “Create Portfolio” to activate your portfolio.

Congratulations! your portfolio is now active!

Viewing Your Portfolio
You can view your portfolio at the (replace ‘your_user_name’ with your CGTalk username).

You’ll be shown your summary page which displays various statistics about your portfolio. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the “Manage My Portfolio” link in the currently logged in user box at the upper right of portfolio.

To the left of the screen you will notice a menu allowing you to navigate between various management tasks within your portfolio.

Special Features!

Your Custom Page Banner
You can add an individual look to your portfolio, on the “Portfolio Settings” page you can upload a banner image (900x165 pixels) which will be shown when users are visiting your pages. If you choose not to upload a banner the default gray and black banner will be displayed.

Your Custom Photo or Profile Image
Here you can also upload a custom profile image (175x175 pixels), this will be used to identify your portfolio throughout the CGPortfolio site. If you don’t upload an image here your avatar from CGTalk will be used in it’s place.

On the “Personal Details” page, you are given the option to upload a personal details image (155x155 pixels) this is ideal for a portrait of yourself, as it will be displayed on your about page.

Networking with Other Artists
Whilst you are visiting another user’s portfolio page, you are given the ability to connect to them in two ways.

Favorites - if a user is not already part of your favorites list, to the left of the screen you will see a red box labeled “favorites” clicking the “add to favorites” button will add the user to your favorites list, allowing you to choose to receive email updates when they add new images, or post to their blog.

Network - you can also ask a user to join your network, whilst viewing their page, an orange box labeled “Portfolio Network” should be visible. If someone is not part of your network, you may send them a request to join your network, fill in a message, and click the “send invitation”. They will be notified of your request and be given the choice to accept or deny the request. If you are viewing the page of someone who has sent you an invitation that you have not accepted, this box will allow you to accept or deny their request.

Joining someone’s network means that you can choose to display a link to their portfolio at the bottom of your portfolio pages, and provides users a way to surf between users. It also allows you to see relationships between users using google earth.

Guestbook - Allows other users to post public messages to you. On the guestbook managment page, you are given the option of hiding individual message, and also given the choice to require all new posts to require your moderation before they are displayed.


Google URL

You’ll notice on your personal details page, there is a field labeled “Google URL”. This is a place to copy the URL provided from so that other users can find you in google earth.

To obtain your Google URL, visit and locate your house, or some nearby landmark if you don’t want to give away exactly where you live. If you don’t get high detail in Map mode, switch to satellite. Once your location centered on the screen select the “Link to this page” button at the top right. Copy the resulting URL into the Google URL field.

It is important you find your house by hand, and not use the search, because we need the Longitude and Latitude to plug into Google Earth.

Google Earth

Inside Google Earth, add a new network link (Add -> Network Link) name it something like “CGPortfolio Memebers” and set the location to

Now you should be able to browse members of CGPortfolio who have entered their Google URL inside Google Earth and see network relationships across the globe.


Just to be clear, whilst you do get a personal URL to the portfolio, don’t go handing it out untill we’ve launched, the pages can’t be viewed by who have not been offered a beta test account. (They just get shown a maintenance page)


Make sure if you upload images to your gallery, you also turn your gallery on :slight_smile:

I think it may be a bit redundant, being able to turn the gallery on or off.


Oh Shit…i found all of u registered…arghhh…this think is …spiffy (as my friend James would say…:scream:)

How come and in my profile…although i entered the Google Link …it doesn’t show…do i have to force a refresh?


Looking into it -


Hang on… is the link not showing in portfolio or google earth?

If it’s not showing in google earth, you need to refresh the link (or restart google earth)

If it’s not showing in portfolio then there’s a problem that i can’t see, which browser etc?


In Google it shows just fine …:thumbsup:

When i edit my profile it shows…:thumbsup:

When someone goes to my “About” …:argh: nahhhh. It doesn’t.


OH…Firefox is the Browser…Mozilla Firefox .


The google url shouldn’t show up anywhere on your about, it’s only for the google earth thingo


Oh…doh! So it’s ok…it is supposed to work like this!..:blush:


We’ve Just moved to PHP5 - there may be a few glitches on pages whilst I clear up errors :slight_smile:


the link you need to use in Google Earth is now (it should automatically launch in google earth) also, the page is no longer updated in realtime so anything you’ve changed may take a while to update;



Worked it out :slight_smile:


question abou the website field…

is this a link to our cgsociety site? or an external personal site?

because when i enter my website… it takes me to

this field is redudant if your just linking to the cgport site



This definitely makes renewal of my membership worth it. Thanks for keeping your promise guys! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Yep, sorry :slight_smile:

because we offer you a domain, your name has to fit in with domain naming conventions, be glad you’re not one of the poor souls who had to change their user name twice because of a nasty bug we didn’t pick up straight away :slight_smile:


OOoh, you found a bug … urm, let me see what i can do :slight_smile:

if you look at that’s how it should be working :slight_smile:

*EDIT fixed now


This looks really promising. Thanks much :thumbsup:



Um. Is there any way to host demo reels? I don’t really do still frames in my work. I have maybe two, three images, all of which are not indicative of my work, that I could post up. Could I link to a reel I have elsewhere, maybe? I’m sure many animators feel the same way.

A couple more suggestions:

  1. It would be useful for employers to be able to tell how many years experience someone has with a software package.
  2. I’d like to be able to specify what “other” software packages I know – Endorphin, Massive, Motionbuilder, etc.

Will reply further as it comes to me.


For now, you’ll need to host your reel elsewhere, and link to it in the post about the image;

Large uploads are high on the list of things to do once we have this revision of portfolio stable.

Likewise the next revision will have features aimed at employment related activities, but that’s an excellent suggestion :slight_smile:

Oh, and as for other packages, at the moment, they’re rather complicated to add, but once we have a system in place, I’ll do a call out for stuff we’ve forgotten, and also add in a way for you to add your own.