CGCallenge XXVII - TEN - Video - Toni Buenavida


I hope not to be too late!

while I’m in the contest, but did not think about making a thread about my project …

all the material that I have developed what you can see here:

It’s a little futuristic story with touches of futuristic comic of the 80s and 90s. Especially, I took influences from Moebius grandmaster.

REGTUA (main character) is a farmer goes to his workplace. in the
way, has an accident. But what they do not know is what he discovered …

If you look at the development of characters, you can guess what the story: D

Now I’m working on that I hope to upload Animatica soon.

From now on, I will try to update the contents here!

Regards and good luck to all!


Check out the Animatic of my entry!

Now its time for the production stage!



wip from main character REGTUA!



Hey Toni, really nice work on that animatic! A bit tough to tell what’s going on without sound but some of your boards are really nice. Looking forward to more.


I agree with KMcNamara :stuck_out_tongue:
The animatic looks really good, but it’s a bit hard to understand what is going on, especially with the bit of text at the beginning–I wasn’t sure how it related to the action.


Hi all!
I would first like to thank you for your comments, it is a pleasure to
talented people comment about my work: D

I understand the confusion, perhaps in the introductory text should make clearer some things, such as salvage that capsules were dropped (from where, TEN and ONE, the beings who is the main character).

Thank you for your criticism, try leaving clearer whole story: D



check my last update:

This time i’m working on the rest of the models in your “human” shape, only box modeling.
For “ONE” (Black character) the next step is “Zbrush pass”, and for “TEN” (white Guy) i’ll work on the shaders. but before this, I think that i’ll model the rest of things (aerobike, layouts…) and rig those!



I like the character “regtua” is an interesting concept. In terms of Animatica several shots that I think are very well managed in terms of camera angle and length, but story is not completely clear to me. I think I´ll have to wait for more progress to understand it a little better. but still looks interesting.


Hello Guys!

This is a wip of the aeroBike, simple modeling, no details,
i still working!


wops! the link:


Nice progress! I like the design and concepts.Waiting for more updates :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot guys!
this time I post a new wip, now its a little shading test of the “capsule”,
isn’t a final shader and model.




hey guys!

the three Firts shots (only the animation part) of my entry!



new update of animation process (“Shot 4” Done, and Blocking pass of “Shot 5”!)



Shots 05 and 06!

five Shots left!

Go! :smiley:


merry christmas to all!



Let’s to the next!


avishai6 so beautiful wip and the character and animation is cool.
best of luck…go go


Thanks suruj2d3d! go go! :smiley:



Very cool work on the animation. Hope to see the finished work soon. Good luck.


Thanks RedCigarrete! your work its big!

This is a blocking pass of “Shot 10” (only for “TEN”, the bubbly character :D)
I hope to finish all shots tomorrow (animation) and work on shading and render…