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Technicolor is currently looking for CG Supervisors in INDIA.

Technicolor Production Services is the division with Technicolor, which contains Technicolor’s world-leading Visual effects and Animation brands such as MPC, Mr. X, The Mill, and Mikros.

Technicolor’s brands have worked on the spectacular scenes and tiny details that make movies, advertising campaigns and Animation movies genuinely mind-blowing. We’re the people behind the effects in countless blockbuster films like The Lion King, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and advertising campaigns for clients such as Samsung, Audi, Nike and Apple. We are continually looking for the best talent globally, enthusiastic people who come in every day to be a part of some of the industry’s best work. Technicolor’s artists are wildly creative, uber-talented and passionate about the possibilities of VFX, Experiential, Animation and Technology. When you join the team, you’ll be working with and learning from the most skilled people in the business.
A quick rundown of what we are looking for from you.

Technical Knowledge/Skills
• Strong working knowledge of 3D software packages and pipelines
• Knowledge of the entire production process, including stage shooting is preferred
• Demonstrated CG leadership experience using Maya and Renderman on live-action commercial or feature film productions

Required Attributes
• Excellent analytical problem-solving skills – you have the ability to look at a problem, break it down and deliver solutions. Desire to learn from others and to take on increasingly challenging work.
• Excellent communication skills – you need to relay your knowledge across the pipeline to ensure workflows follow your approved plan
• Team player approach with the ability to take direction/feedback
• Ability to successfully delegate and manage projects
• Ability to understand client approval process
• Strong sense of team dynamics and a positive morale generating style
• Able to manage a time-sensitive workload with an urgent and extremely organized manner
• Highly adaptable with the strong ability to work successfully under pressure
• Ability to motivate the team and inspire to get the best out of them
• Ability to prioritize and understand the severity of an issue
• Understand your weaknesses and knowledge gaps

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CG Supervisor

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