CG school in Europe taught in english


Hello, I am a architecture student in senior year.
I am looking for animation schools which provide CG/VFS programs.
I would like to study in ARTFX (France) where I found decent courses are taught in English. Tuition is affordable for me, too. However, recently I found some of the courses are also taught in French which I could not speak any.
Though I am planning to learn French these days, I’m afraid I not able to speak good French while I enroll in September this year.
I wonder if there is any other CG/VFS programs from other schools in Europe for non-animation background which are also taught in English?



ESMA is starting a course in English this year. Please check out the link above for more details.

And All the best.


good luck


It’s been 4 years and I’m interested to know if you entered any school, what courses did you take and what are you doing now?
It is very interesting to listen to an architect with experience.


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