Ceslav Sukstul-Sketchbook


Hi guys! My first post on forum. I want learn more in concept design so when I have time i use Fusion 360 for this. So will upload here my progress and hope to get feedbacks from you all

Right now I’m working on sci-fi particle launcher. Idea is that it can be set to hit just organic object or not. So for instance shooter can kill crew inside of tank or vehicle and leave vehicle undamaged and possible to capture. Launcher has good cooling system but still can fire max 1-2 and then will be overhit.


looks like you are off to a good start. Have you looked into the military (US) weapons. There are weapons that cause really bad things to happen. Many are band by the Geneva agreement but they still exist and I’m sure googling around you can find some disturbing real life weapons.


I tried google for some inspirational rocket launchers but not so many I found. But if you say there are I will definitely spend some time to find more good references. Thanks!


That’s a tough one if references are hard to find on google. Maybe a library near you has books with pics of weapons. Good luck


Thanks! I found few nice images and will continue to look for more. This projects isn’t my main so will be working on it in my free time. I hope soon will spend more time on it.


Spend more time and found pretty good references. Made atlas for myself. this one is just example so i downscaled it. Original is 15k x 10.5k pixels.


Had some time to work on this launcher. Still in blocking stage. Trying to not stay too long on one place and get into detailing. Changed some things and added some new. I’m trying to add shapes but not make it look too heavy and bulky. Swapped man from ZBrush to man from Daz3D and posed him a bit to see proportions better.


Nice model ! This is more of a suggestion, try adding little bit of bevel to your edges so it catches the light rather than a sharp fall off. Overall greatwork and keep it up !


it’s really coming along! I think it is interesting to look at now, but can use more stuff like your references have.