Cemetery statue


Hi everyone,

Here I post a studium in painter (and some photoshop) to you. Character based on a statue I saw in Italy in an interesting cemetary a few weeks ago. I’m usually working with 3D or paper and pencil, so this digital 2D is pretty new to me. If you have some useful comments please share it. To check one of my 3D work please check the Machineflesh link below.

Have a nice day,


Some closeups, the first here…


An other closeup…


nice job:thumbsup:


very good painting


Wow. The style you have used is fasinating. I really enjoy the mix of detail with blured out portions, it make my eye move around the picture to the main elements, yet I am still seeing the whole image. Great sense of depth and form. Exceptional work.



Hi Mark… you’re a complete artist… after 3d, 2d now !

For a 2d digital beginner… it’s a real masterpiece… the low number of colors, the material, the composition, and the spirit of the atmosphere, all is here, very impressive :thumbsup:

I know to do oil painting, but I have too problem to do the same things with Painter, then, I like to see some guys done beautiful pictures like that. All my respect my friend :slight_smile:

(and “rendez-vous” for the results :scream: )



My hat off to you, I really like this type of images, real masterpiece! :thumbsup:



Great job Tremo!

The colours, details and style, Wow! :applause:


I like the textures of different brushes,nice work!


Hi mates,

merdzan, zabid:
Thanks for your opinion!

Am really glad because of your enthusiastic comment. This blurring techique comes from my 3D post effect style. I don’t like if the image have no depth and I use it to drive the viewer’s eyes over the important parts.

Hi mate, Thanks for your visit here too. This image was made acrylic and watercolor brushez, you know in reality it’s impossible, but in digital it’s a fun. I’ve painted some Aqurell studies on paper for the school also as acryl. The control is much better with my own hand and a brush but painter is a superious application to simulate these things. BTW I’m sad but I’ve seen your website lately, just a few weeks ago. Congratulations for that. You’re great!!!

Thank you! Words like these are always great support!

Ahhhhaaaa…Nice to meet you here my friend!!! What’s up with you? Machineflesh closing is near…I’m so excited, probably as you are. Best luck to you, again and always.

Thaks a lot. There are acryls and water brushez. Acrylics for main surfaces and for more color control, watercolor with “eraser salt” are giving details “and stone style surfaces”.

Thank you all again and have a nice day spent with superious works,



Hey nice painting Mark…i like the style u put on it…u said youre pretty new in this but it just look really nice… i want to see more paintings man…ok…“happy painting!”:buttrock:


Tremo! Nice to meet U tooooo

What’s up with me?

Car crashes of course!

Muahahahahahahahehehehehehe,he hem ho, cof cof

Best luck to U! You’ll see that your girl will kick some asses! :scream:
Keep in contact


Great style with this Tremo, you are a true artist really,It seems a few of us machine fleshers have gone 2D lately…you and Rattlesnake anyways …better make your way back to this side in time for the next challenge !!..If you get a chance check out my newest here http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=160200 I would respect your words and love to hear what you think…Take it very easy :wise: ~Jeremy


HI tremoside

this is a really good painting u used the digitall painting perfect congrajulations:thumbsup:


Hi Mark,

This is really a great image; it really depicts a feeling! I really like it! I also incredibly like the way you’ve given it the real marmer look! It really looks like marmer, in my opinion. :slight_smile: Awesome how you’ve made it with just some ‘quite rough’-brushstrokes!

BTW: I still want to thank you for your reply in my MF-tread, it’s really rewarding for me! :slight_smile:

Greetz & Good luck,



Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments and all support around my first steps…

if you’re interested you could find a WIP 2D: character: malcolm (portrait) among the cg talk threads.

Gijs, thank you about your comment and am deadly sure we will meet agin in an other contest.
(perhaps I will move to Nederlans for a few months period, around next year)

Best luck mates,



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