This is my first post on this site. And i really wanted to know what do you think when you look at the following picture. Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Greetings Michael


Hi Michael:

The image has a strong feeling of failure or defeat on it. The broken bridge and the hanging chains are surrendering. In the other hand if the bird has the symbolism of reaching the castle even if the pass is cut, i think it isn’t strong enough to overpower the black/white scheme. overall it’s like a “you lost” screen on a Age of Empires tipe of game.

My opinion, though.

Sir Patroclo


The castle is too solid and clean for it to feel really defeated to me. Instead I’m getting isolation. The black bird escaping seems like a bad omen, as if it was rotting from the inside. I also wonder if having windows shaped like crosses was intentional symbolism.

Just my thoughts, I imagine everyone will have their own interpretation.


I’d work on three thigns:

  • More dirt
  • More decay
  • More background


Nice Black and White image Michael. I agree that the castle needs a bit more decay to it. It doesn’t make much since for the bridge to be in a total state of disrepair and for the rest of the castle to look untouched. Maybe just make some of the battlements broken and crumbling. Just my thoughts, overall great job and the piece does evoke an emotional response.


Originally posted by boboroshi
[B]I’d work on three thigns:

  • More dirt
  • More decay
  • More background [/B]

I agree with this one. It feels “empty” and “new”.

When I see this I think “loneliness”, “darkness” and “sadness”


it’d be more helpful what message you are trying to convey, cause when I say something, I feel like you are getting a “freebie” idea on what to do and not discovering how to convey your own messages.

saying that: the b&w gives a disolate/sinister appearance. I’d increase this by changing the PoV to near the draw bridge, looking up the face of the castle at a slight bank angle. this would add a sense of intimidation. I would also weather the stones, making more irregularities, cracks between stones, etc. kinda remind me of the old b&w dracula movies. could wind up being a great nastaglia/horror piece.


I think it needs a dragon.


we had the painting that i think this picture is based on in my sose room. good work but it does look a big strange it should have some mountains or something to make it look like its closer to the ground because at the moment for me it looks like its floating or really really high up.



well, spent some of my vacations in Wales. Your picture reminds me of the old castle ruins I saw during my holidays.
Nice work!



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