Cartoon Reindeer



I’m working on a simple cartoon reindeer for an xmas card and figgured I’d post it here. Any advice on how I can improve him would be much appreciated :slight_smile:




I don’t really see much wrong, looks great to me. you could possibly make his feet more Hoof like, but i quite like them the way they are.:bounce:



looks really funny;) .did u use polygons?
One suggestion :The shoulder area should be a little bit smoother.


reminds me of Aardman characters.


Shoey: Yeah, I was thinking about making the feet hooves as I almost made him a four-legged character. I figgured if I was going to make him a biped I should probably make the feet slightly more like feet and less like hooves so he doesn’t look off balance.

mikeS: Yup, i used polys in max. And yes, the shoulders look a bit nasty. I’ve only put a basic rig in so I could pose him so I’ll have to tweak that, and add a few more polygons to the shoulder area so it deforms better.

[msf]: Yes, i always liked the way Aardman did their mouths (although i suppose the nose looks a but Gromit-like too)


Really cool model and excellent character too! Great work!


it loooks good… i agree with [msf] he does looks like ardmen’s character… maybe cos of his mouth… :slight_smile:
… 1 suggestion… his palm is a bit wierd… esp his thumb…
maybe you could push it up a bit…:hmm:


Looks really good only thing I would crit is the hands…great work…:thumbsup:


looks great Joe, only thing that bugs me, is the scarf and the way it nots, but i guess thats how they would do it with plastecine, so i guess no crits.
Really cool.


Teyon: hehe, thanks :slight_smile:

Panzer: Yeah I agree with you that the hands are a bit dodgy. The finger shape is a little off, but I wasn’t sure what kind of final pose I’d see him in, so didn’t want to spend ages working on stuff that wouldn’t get seen. The thumb isn’t enveloped correctly, and I’ve also only got one finger bone. I’ll fix these once I’ve got my final pose.

Remi: cheers :slight_smile: (love your cowboy model by the way)

Bluemilk: hey hey ! Haven’t heard from you in ages. what are you up to these days ? drop me an email sometime. I agree i’ve taken the easy route with the scarf, i’m kinda using this character as a refesher course to remind me how to use Max so I don’t want to get too complicated yet. I think I could work on the scarf a bit more though, so maybe i’ll add some creases or something… I was only gonna use this character for a 2d pic but maybe i will do some animation with him if i’ve got time…


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