Career transitioner - from pretzel maker to tin knocker to call-center rep to web designer, and hopefully to CG artist



My career has been all over the place, as you can see. I’m a newly minted graphic designer of sorts, but wanting to get into the CG game full time. To start, I’m a Blender user (saying that as I duck for cover:).

I joined because I wanted more perspectives on all things CG, and to address come challenges I’ve been having. I’m on Blender-specific forums currently, but I think it’ll do me well to see what else is out there. Eventually I’d like to transition to one of the industry-standard packages, but for now, I gotta go the budget route.

So I’m just curious how I should word my questions on here? Does this function as a how-I-do-something forum? I wasn’t quite sure, as the setup is different from the ones I’m on.

Obviously , people from a variety of backgrounds and software preferences contribute to the forum. I just want to make sure I frame my questions the best way possible. I thought there would be sub-categories geared towards one package or another, but was surprised there isn’t (which, isn’t a criticism). Just making sure I don’t waste people’s time.



Check out the software forums and dont be afraid to post in the wrong forum we will get you help:)O