Career in Animation: Is it something I should pursue?


Hello! I am very new to this site and I’m surprised I haven’t made a discussion on here sooner. There are a couple problems in my mind I would love to have other people give their opinions on no matter what. Should I pursue a career in animation? And I know what most people would say, or at least what I would imagine. Something along the lines of “If you are doubting yourself, then whats the point of even considering it?” (or something along those lines), but I want to still figure this out.

Here is some background if you guys want, but it is definitely not needed to help out:
I have always grown up to be a geek of animation, while also admiring the idea of being able to create. I have always loved making little gadgets, watching cartoons on t.v., or even just going and drawing stuff. This idea got even more expanded once I had access to a computer. I would spend days watching Youtube and animations that were currently on there. Although later on in life I grew out of the whole engineering idea after going through multiple camps, classes, and even robotic teams and losing interest really quickly. I still wanted to create though, so I looked toward 3D Animations. It started small with Blender then toward Maya, but I have really developed a love for the art. Now here I am four years later of obsessing and creating my own work every now and then of 3D Animations and even just simple works of single renders. I am about to graduate high school and it has come to the time where you must decide where to take your life. I am pretty set on animation and I have a feeling of that it is something I want to follow. I am planning on going to a college and get a bachelors in animation, but I have doubts that plague my mind. Whether it has come from my father concerned about my choice and wanting me to choose a path from something completely different, from my lack of self confidence in the art form as I haven’t dedicated myself enough yet which leads to lots of self doubt and the feeling of being behind, or even just the classical horror stories of animators not being paid well and being overworked (but some of those things I’m not too deeply concerned about). I have bought books and read them and I’m taking basic online classes to help get my foot forward, but I seem to be stuck.

So the big question: Should I start dedicating myself to animation more to pursue this passion I have for it, or do I consider a different route because of the feelings of the inability to successfully achieve a stable career and pressure of other factors?

Even if I pursue animation (I would want to specify my skills toward more character animation for any platform), I don’t know where to begin apart from focusing on practice of concepts of animation (walk cycles, facial expressions, etc) or if I should go to college for it.

I realized that this is a very long post, but it is something that means deeply to me and I don’t have anyone to really turn to and ask. Thank you all who have read! Even that makes it feel worth it. I hope I am able to find some clarity and some help from this.