Car Modeling - Tips/Tricks


Evening all,

Newbie here to the forums but have mainly been active on the Blenderartists forums because I use Blender. I’ve been using Blender on and off for around 3 to 4 years now and mainly do car modeling. I have never finished a car because I start it and either lose motivation and.or look at it and think “meh, not good enough.”

That will be to change with a little help from the internet community I hope. I plan on starting a Ferrari LaFerrari project that includes a full interior. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to project manage the whole thing to make sure I actually complete it, rather than throw in the towel if I don’t like a certain feature or dislike what I have so far?

Also if anyone has any suggestions on the modeling method then that would also be helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:


I get what you mean. I’ve been modelling cars for slightly longer and yeah similarly, when I bump up against a tricky topo issue along with testing various workarounds and/or options trying to resolve the issue, you could say for me, motivation in continuing tends to go out the window.

But lately after biting the bullet, amongst other things, I’ve pretty much gone back too basics, kind’ve refreshing those area’s that are causing grief at the moment. A case in point, currently working on a Fun project, combining two subjects I’m passionate about, namely Mech’s and Cars.

You’ve probably guessed what I’ll say next, Yep got that right…Transformer heavy steel goodness, starting with my favourite “Bumblebee”. So in order to handhold myself through the initial base mesh stage, I’m leaning on a CGMasters tute by Christopher Plush “Car Modeling and Texturing” plus other handy tips from artists such as Ali Ismail:

So far so good. After a couple of weeks solid work, all in all I’ve enjoyed the process by and large like I had back when first starting out all those years ago. Anyways, I’m of the belief that at the end of any given day as long as its fun, regardless of complexity or subject matter, personal projects typically end up completed.


Thanks for the advice. I think my problem is also the ‘patience’ required for a car model. I feel like the hours tick by and then I try to imagine how many more hours it’s going to take to finish and think ‘urgh…’


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