Can't make an simulation (emitter geo) to Static object



I am new to simulations so hopefully this is a simple one.

I am trying to full a couple of letters with balls, and all is good (it takes a lot of time to simulate thou, high poly ** ). But when the baking (CTRL + D) and then in the simulation I pause on the desired frame and select my emitter that I want to have as static geo, and hit C or Current state to Object. All looks good.
And when I go to frame one, all hell breaks loose and I am one square one again.

And I have tried to copy the ‘C / Current state to Object’ to another scene. Make it a preset. And I have been searching the web and cineversity, but I can’t for the love of god find an answer to this.

I have been on this the whole day, please help me get this right.

Have been following this:

** Bonus one, is it possible to simulate with points and then when the baking is done add the high poly geo to the point, so speed it up?