Can't find the right way to stack textures [SOLVED]


I want to have a base texture and then some labels with alpha channel on top of it…
I’ve read the manual but can’t reproduce the effect.
Strangely the label is visible in the viewport only if I position the tag on the right of the base texture tag.
In either position of the tags only the base texture is rendered.

I’ve put Mix Textures in both textures.

Also I get a lot of 403 Errors lately here when I try to post something… Anyone else notice ?


Hi Demis,
Mix texture isn’t going to help, turn it off. Stacking to the right is correct.
Was something written by mistake in the Selection field of the texture tag?


To add to @laurent post, ticking Mix Textures on both materials can actually break the ability to show the textures properly. Mix Textures is not something you need at all in this case.

Mix Textures is an additive mix mode to effectively combine two textures. As an example: two Normal Maps with different noises.

Yes, I too have had many issues in the past week with 403 errors on posting.


@laurent @Drew Kerr
You’re both right about the Mix Texture. Thank you.

Damn those 403 errors ! I’ve tried 3 times to reply !