Can't extrude an open edge loop outward at 90 degrees in R25



I have a half cylinder and I want to extrude the edge loop at the bottom outward at 90 degrees. When I try to use the extrude tool for this… absolutely nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?




I don’t have r25, but did you leave the cylinder primitive or make it editable ?
Did you select edges or points ? In this example … editable, selected edges, extrude 100, angle 90




Thanks for your reply.

The object it editable, I selected edges. All other settings are the same. Looks like you had no trouble at all getting exactly the result I want… but again… I get nothing at all.



Maybe upload a file so somebody here could check what’s wrong. Could be the normals or something quite different.


Another option is the primal way.
Select a tube … slice 180 … make editable …set to point or poly mode …delete what you don’t need.