Can you map a gradient to an arnold toon shader shadow?


So I can add a ramp to the arnold toon shader so that different textures are mapped to different areas of light. For instance, in the pictures below there are lighter colors/textures mapped to the light areas of the shader, and dark colors/textures mapped to the dark areas of the shader. Easy enough.

I’d like the same results from the shadow though. I’d like to take the darkest parts of the shadow and have them be mapped with a dark color, and as the shadow gets less dense around the edges, I’d like to map different colors/textures. But as you can see in the image below, Arnold seems to regard the shadow as the darkest color even as it feathers out around the edges (notice on the ball the halftone pattern changes from light to dark but the shadow only uses the darkest halftone pattern throughout). Is there a way to change this?

I’ve found it works the same way in C4d or Maya.

I’m finding this a little difficult to explain I hope you can understand my question.