Can you guess what this is -


Looks like a light and 3 black objects floating over a plane, right?

Not really - it’s the 4 different kinds of area lights that Arnold offers ( square, disc, cylinder & point w/radius ), all with the exact same orange texture map applied to the light color. Only one of them actually supports textures. And there’s many more “features” that don’t do a damn thing, constant crashes, and years-old bugs. Just how is this crap considered production-ready? Why do people tolerate this s***?


And in Maya, being the only production app that doesn’t apply changes to all that you have selected, is no problem right?! Just use the Attribute Spreadsheet Editor ( which only has half the attrs you might want to change, but, oh well, Autodesk was clearly too busy counting money from subscriptions )!1!

So this is a guessing game or some sh**? Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and hope you get the right attr?