Can you give your opinions on the things I have planned to learn?


[ Sorry if my English is bad.]
I want to become a texture artist. And I have been doing some research on what I need to learn.
Give me your opinions on the following. The following will be the thing I want to learn :

  1. Basics of colors & basic principles of how light works + Photoshop.
  2. Basics of Maya + Arnold rendering.
  3. Some advanced techniques of modelling and creating complex textures/materials.
  4. Basics of Mari/Substance Painter and some advanced techniques.
  5. Substance Designer.
  6. Some bits of Katana & Nuke. [I know Katana is for lighting and Nuke is for compositing, but still I would like to learn those.]

I am sorry if I sound like a noob, because I really am, I am all new to this side of the world.
Thank you if you are taking your time to read this.
It will be really helpful for me if you give me your suggestions or give your thoughts. At least I’ll know I am going in the right direction.