Can my portfolio get me an industry job (Archviz)? And any other tips for a junior artist


Good luck, hopefully at least a response is forthcoming, especially during these trying times and as an aside real time workflows / tech are also gaining traction, year on year it seems.:

UE4 - New Archviz Interior Rendering sample project

RenderVisuals - An Archviz Industry Vendor


I’ve been applying to many jobs today and I saw some postings that involve Virtual Reality.

I wouldn’t mind doing that although I should note, I originally started off with a game dev background but later switched to offline. I just wasn’t happy working with game engines even though the technology is starting to get better.

I’ll still take a real time job offer if given to me, but I do personally wish to continue using Arnold/Vray software.


Look at Corona. Many archviz people switched to it, as it’s more realistic.


Not trolling, but is there really a major difference between offline renders?

Don’t get me wrong, I have looked at different engines before. But my personal conclusion was as long as PBR support is there, photorealism can be expected.

With Arnold, I used it because it’s free like Mental Ray was before it, but it’s also a renderer that is pushed by the movie industry. When I looked at similar software like Pixar’s Renderman, I never felt like it was lagging behind in tech.


There is a huge difference between Vray/Mental ray vs Maxwell/Corona. Not that it doesn’t require the artist to know how to light and shade, but a fellow of mine started making photorealistic images only after he switched to Corona from Vray, and he’s been working in archviz all his life. And I’ve used Vray for more than a decade, so when you use a new engine, and it gives you more beilievable results than the renderer you’ve used for a decade, it’s pretty evident.
I’ve also can conclude from my experience Corona does better materials, and in tiny details it looks better. It is a newer engine, and Vray cannot be rewritten from scratch, so its age shows. Vray still has many cool features, especially with last releases, but mostly for texture randomization/tiling, fast material creation, faster lighting setup and character shaders (skin and hair).
Maxwell and Corona are so-called unbiased renderers. And though it’s a marketing word, they do look more realistic, just not as realistic as a photocamera can make.
Maxwell is a standalone renderer from what I know so far, and Corona is tightly integrated into 3ds max. There’s also a conversion from Vray to Corona scenes utility inside of Corona.
Arnold will be obsolete with time, just like Mental ray did.


I’ll take your word for it.

I just wish these 3rd party engines had more affordable licenses.
Nearly $500 Canadian a year and you don’t even get to own it.

Especially when you consider what free software like Blender Cycle’s is capable of these days, I find it hard to justify adding another sub. 3DS Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter & Mudbox/Zbrush to name a few.

I will admit though that Corona Render seems to be better at handling Architecture interior/exterior scenes.
Looking at Arnold’s gallery, all the best pieces are either Human characters or robots/cars. Which make sense since it was targeted at the Movie industry first.

But Corona has a lot of scenes that showcase the insides of buildings on its website.


Check MasterBundles website! It is a great platform for web designs.



1 year later, I saw my thread was still on the front page so I want to provide an update.

I remember applying for work at the end of 2020, but because the Covid pandemic was at its height, I got emails telling me that studios either stopped hiring or shut down their offices, making it nigh impossible to get in contact with them. :confounded:

It was a very dreadful year, as the government lockdown didn’t really end until summer 2021, when businesses were legally allowed to host gatherings.

That said, I didn’t sit by and do nothing. I actually doubled the amount of portfolio pieces and took many of your guys advice and target photorealism.

Starting this week or next week, I’m going to mass apply to every studio again, hoping that the situation was better than last year. I had ideas of even dropping my portfolio in person, but again, Covid for the first time made this process a lot more complicated.