Can my portfolio get me an industry job (Archviz)? And any other tips for a junior artist


Hello CGsociety.

Some may remember I made a topic 2 years ago looking for critiques.

I read the comments and basically recreated my entire portfolio from scratch. Since there was confusion on the role I was looking for, I geared my work completely towards Architectural Visualization (even though there was suggestions about VFX/Film or Game art).

So here’s the new portfolio, is it now possible for me to start applying for work with it?


What do you do with the answers to your questions if they are “No”!?

Just apply with what you have already! No one can speak for someone else that could potentially hire you.

Also, Arch-viz is a weird industry because it is incredibly easy to set-up shop in the comfort of your bedroom should you be good enough. So below a certain ability-level you are reliant on an employer, but above a certain ability-level, you can go it alone/ be your own boss. So what I mean is, it could be possible to get a junior-role when your work isn’t that great because textures, rendering and lighting settings will be provided for you.


I’ll admit it’s because I’m still somewhat scared.

I interviewed once for an industry job in 2016 and I made the fatal mistake of telling the art director my work wasn’t done yet. I also got later advice telling me my projects were either too small or too big, so I was stuck in this limbo of trying to make a good first impression.


Look at the websites of house-builders in your country. Try and copy a house exterior. Then when you get good at that, do the interior as well. Ideally you’ll have two monitors. reference on one, model on the other.

Don’t continue modelling an entire city if you’re looking for work. That sort of thing is mostly photo-montage anyway.


Would you recommend I hide my strip mall and city but still apply with the other 4 pieces in the mean time? I technically did model those off of official blueprints from home builders in my country (if you scroll to the very bottom I included all my references).

In regards to the city, I also saw another artist in my area who did a similar piece so I thought I would attempt my own version. There’s also a studio whose works also consisted of modeling an entire city in 3D.

But given the amount of time it took, I’m definitely not going to bounce back into making another one soon.


You could apply with what you have already, just don’t spend any more time on the city. Perfect the interiors.

For instance, the banisters in “Part 1” are neither to scale nor modelled correctly.
The cooker-top isn’t modelled correctly and its materials are all wrong.
Doors are too narrow. A slight lack of scale through out.
Furniture choice is a little odd. Find a website of a place that sells furniture and copy that. They’ll normally have fake-room facades to showcase their furniture. Their furniture should also have dimensions which will make your job of getting scale correct a lot easier.
You’re not going for an interior design job so just copy what exists already and strive for photo realism.

Buy a tape-measure and measure everything in the house in which you live that might be relevant. Kitchen-unit height, kitchen-cabinet dimensions, door-widths etc.


Thank you for your advice.

I’ll look into giving the interiors one more polish.

Also, don’t take this as ignoring critique, I grabbed some random objects from the scene and compared them to the official heights. Since I had the references saved from home depot they’re actually the same.

It’s only the door that was scaled to fit the closet doesn’t exist so I’ll have to remove that.

Also, can you elaborate on the cooker-top material? Maybe it’s the lighting but I went for black paint and a brushed metal material based off this reference.


Ah OK my mistake. Closet-door not an actual door-way.

Banister-end newel-post looks too thick for the banister type.

If you’re going to have a camera that close to the cooker-top it has to be perfect. I might be wrong, but ordinarily the cooker metal work is really thin because you want to transfer heat to the pans on top of it, not the cooker itself. What is the make of the cooker so I can see the top of one?

Typical banister proportions.


Frigidaire 30’’ Gas Range

And here is the Stair Post I based it on.

But I still think I’m just going to quickly remake a new kitchen scene.

It’s actually my oldest scene and I made it before I upgraded my computer, so there were alot more limitations compared to my modern pieces.


Most architectural illustration work nowadays will have you working off of existing 3D REVIT models, so don’t get too stressed out about modeling structural detail and scales.
90% of your work will be in set dressing, texturing and lighting - and these are areas where you can certainly improve and really make your work stand out!

One of the most well known pieces of architectural rendering is Alex Romans The Third & The Seventh.

When I first started I spent a long time trying to recreate his ‘style’ of camera and texture work. Now, most commercial work is VERY far from this - but his set dressing and lighting are exceptional ‘extremes’ to work towards.

I think that you should take one of your existing models - and try to emulate one shot from Alex’s work. Be artistic - be extreme. The lessons you take from recreating his level of detail and ‘feel’ will translate to your other works.

I also think you should take your work, and try to match it to a photograph.

For example, relight and redress this image:

Like this:


Not that you are trying to create and AESTHETIC. A ‘feel’ for the space. Don’t be afraid to push your lighting!


Edit: I’ll have some new renders up soon. I’m definitely going to revamp the scenes I had made.


Just an update:

I’ve completely recreated all my interiors from scratch and I plan on having all 3 final renders ready by next week.

I’m moving at a much faster pace, with the first Kitchen scene being done in almost a day.


What sort of lighting are you going to try to do with your interior renderings?


I thought about using the Physical Sky & Sun only but after looking at my references, it appears I will have to include some incandescent lightbulbs as well.

Here’s a quick lighting test I did with the Kitchen (although it’s textureless at the moment)


Apologies for the delay. I know I said the 3 new interiors were suppose to be done, but some nightmarish stuff happened between August to today that set me back.

I haven’t quit though. I’m putting more work in my kitchen scene and slowly texturing it.


Great work.
It is sad for me that many of us have lost income because of the pandemic.


Thanks for the kind words.

I was actually going to bump this thread next week. In my portfolio I finally got to adding 3 new interiors, but it’s the exterior scenes I’m still working on. I’m still not satisfied with the approach I took.

But since time is running out for me, I’m going to be forced to apply with what I have soon.


yes, with this situation in the world, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve already traded zcash ethereum in hopes of earning. The value of cryptocurrencies is growing.


If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I wanted to go visit some of these 3D Studios in person and show them my art. But unfortunately, I think that might be in bad taste, even if I wore a mask.

My only option at this point is to start sending out emails instead. Not that I’m against this method but I really miss there’s no other way to physically contact these companies. There was going to be an in person job fair but it got cancelled because of the virus. :neutral_face:

And it may seem like I’m getting desperate but it’s getting really bad now, with some places going into lockdown. I really don’t want to be without a job for much longer.


So CGSociety, I want to thank all those who provided excellent feedback along the way. I’ve remade my entire portfolio from scratch, and I’m finally going to attempt applying with it for Archviz jobs starting tomorrow.

I’ll admit, I’m still nervous when it comes to reapplying, but after trying to polish as many new pieces possible, it no longer makes sense to not at least try a second time.

My portfolio link in the OP is still the same but here’s a screenshot of the 5 new environments. I will also try and get my new resume uploaded very soon.

Edit: And here’s the resume. Some information retracted.

Even though it’s meant for games, I used this as a reference for improving my CV.