can be done real time robot arm simulation?


i want to know that can be done real time robot arm simulation with 3d max?i have mechanic robot arm.i ll control it by the same time i must simulate it.i ll get feedback from robot arm’s axesses variables to my software.and i can give these angle variables to 3d max.3d max can get some data from anywhere than can it use these variables?i wish i achieved to explain my aim.


Uhhm… might be you accidently posted in the wrong forum?
This one is LightWave specific, so there is only a rather slim chance you get your info here.


Well, LightWave 3D has a Device Manager in its Virtual Studio feature. If your input comes from either HID, InterSense or PlayStation Move.Me managers, you can be able to translate the arm motion interactively (real-time) within LightWave and play a realistic preview in VPR viewer.

There’s a demo from Siggraph 2012:

They have also NevronMotion (a motion retargeting plugin) working with Kinetic sensor.